Hi, I'm Christy and this is my blog. I am an obsessive compulsive sewer. I don't just make one thing, I make everything!! I also crochet and knit, as well as take care of three little kiddies, a husband and a dog.

I blog for many reasons, but mainly to show off some of the many things I make. You see my husband pretends he cares, but I know he really doesn't.

I also run a little business to help pay for this hobby of mine. So if you are looking for a darling little baby bonnet pattern, head over to my shop here.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Hi Christy,

    I am a fellow member of Burdastyle and a Suydney girl! and noticed you had a popular blog..
    I was wondering if I could request you to do a review on my little invention:

    I could send one as a gift for you and 3 to give away.
    A review would be great assuming you like it!

    Thanks very much,


    Burdastyle freakusbzzz.

  2. Hi Christy,

    I have just nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award!!! It was passed onto me by a fellow Aussie, so I am also passing it onto other Aussie sewers that I enjoy following...congratulations!!!

  3. Hey Christy,
    We love your blog so much that we've featured you on the Spotlight behind-the-scenes blog. We'd also love to do a little interview, so please let us know if you'd be willing to answer some questions for us?


    Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Christy! Lovely meeting you today. I left my camera at the cafe. Any chance you found it? Gosh I hope I haven't lost it forever... L x

  5. Christy,
    I have been "lurking" your blog for some time - having recognised the gums in the background when you were featured on the Colette website. It's great to read a fellow Sydney-sewists blog - those stylish Melbourne girls tend to steal the action. You've led me towards some great patterns, and helped increase Tessuti's profit.
    I have a strange request; I have been trying to buy the fantastic Gingher seam ripper you recommended some time ago, but I can't get it anywhere (not even on line). Would you mind telling me where you got yours?
    Thanks and keep blogging

    1. Hi Penny,

      I purchased the seam ripper from Oatley cottage - a small quilt shop south of Sydney.

      Glad you like the blog and yes, I agree, I must be helping Tessuti's profits!



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