Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sparkly Shoulders!!

I've always wanted to sew with some fancy sequin mesh.
Mission accomplished!

While I have a stack of dresses and trousers, my top or tee collection is lacking considerably. Especially tees for going out at night when you want to look a little bit spesh, but not too over the top.
The pattern for this tee is Burda Jersey Top 09/2012 #123A which I modified to a cap sleeve. I don't often wear long sleeves, and restaurants and pubs get quite warm inside. More so after a wine or two. ;)
The sequin mesh was purchased from Spotty recently. It was 30% off, then I used my $40 off coupon - double saving!! The black jersey is a mystery knit from the Remnant Warehouse bins. It has a super stretchy 4 way knit and great recovery. Good enough for this experiment. I purchased 2m for $6, but it a fault thought it that I cut around. Unlike last time!

The pattern calls for a facing around the neck and there is a button at the back. While this isn't the finish I would normally opt for with a knit, it did give a nice clean line around the neck and along the sequin mesh.

Pattern: Burda Jersey Top 09/2012 #123A (I didn't trace it from the library this time!!) $5.40
Fabric: 2m mystery knit from The Remnant Warehouse (I'll account for the whole piece here) $6
Fabric: .25m Sequin mesh from Spotty on sale $8.75
Thread from stash
Button: 10c??
Total: $20.25

I should also say thank so much for your great feedback on my patterned pants. You gave me the confidence to wear them to work last week, where I received no less than 10 compliments on them. Mostly asking where I bought them, followed by asking if I made to order!

My husband still hates them and Oliver calls them pajama pants, which I don't understand, but who cares! Thanks again! I think I need to start planning another.


  1. Love it! I saw the pattern you pinned on Pinterest, glad you made it up, looks great.

  2. I love this! I've been thinking of a bit of fake leather or sparkly black on my shoulders. Tough decisions!

  3. Fantastic top and I have some glitter left over from my last top!

  4. Looks great... which library has burda pattern books?

  5. Great minds think alike - I was thinking of the exact same pattern with the same sequined mesh that I happen to have a small bit leftover fin my stash, but I was worried about my hair getting caught in the sequins. Your top is gorgeous, just the right amount of dressiness and sparkliness without being Brynne Edelsten kind of glitzy!

  6. Ooh fun! I love the sparkly shoulders.

  7. Are you kidding me? You, Kristy and I must be on the same brain frequency. I too had this tee pattern in mind for that exact same purpose! I'd even been scoping sequinned fabric... Love it!

  8. Love the sparkles :) a bargain top that looks boutique!


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