Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tank x 2

Just a simple linen tank made with my favourite Grainline pattern.
I added some length and a tuck in the back. I like it and it has come in handy to dress up slouchy shorts on hot days.
Another simple tank. This time I re purposed the skirt from a dress made waaaay back on the blog. So far back that I can't find it.
I really love this fabric and I put so much effort into the original dress, but it didn't fit very well.

There's nothing much else to say about these tanks. There are hardly worth blogging, but I like to document my output. I also don't think there will be any more tank tops in the near future. I certain that I have enough now.

Pattern: Tiny Pocket tank by Grainline. Used before = free
Fabric: Linen from The Fabric Store $17
Fabric: Re purposed skirt from existing garment = free
Thread from stash
Total: $17


  1. Your tops are really pretty. A great idea to remake an unloved dress.

  2. Nice tanks! The floral fabric is very pretty. By the way, I like your accounting system for patterns and fabric. I'm going to adopt that. Much easier to count the pattern as free upon the consequent use than trying to average it out between made garments.

  3. Those are such cute little tops, and so cool and perfectly pretty for summer! I really love your skirt too; great re-fashion :)

  4. Cute tanks and perfect for our sticky summer weather.

  5. Those tanks are great. I might invest in that pattern after watching you produce so many good ones. Have you made up the Sorbetto at all? Is this very different in shape? I have the Scout T from Grainline. After a bad start and some alterations I really love th Scout pattern. Nice and loose and not at all clingy (like your tanks) but with a short sleeve.


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