Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Planning Jackets

One thing I learnt last year, during my first year of teaching, is that it's very cold traipsing around a shady playground in winter. Not as cold as Toronto in the middle of winter, but too cold for me. I certainly don't have enough warm clothes in my wardrobe. In case you didn't notice, I have plenty of summer dresses though....

To remedy this, this year I hope to add at least a couple of coats or jackets to my wardrobe. The rough plans so far:

A Tessuti cape.
I love my first cape and wore it a lot last year. I'm clearly not being terribly original with this new cape plan. I'm really just ripping off Leith's style again. I wasn't super keen on this deep navy, Marc Jacobs coating at first, but now that I have two pairs of slim leg grey and charcoal trousers, I know this will get plenty of wear. Hopefully this comes together quickly.

Burda 09/2009 # 127
While I like the Colette Anise jacket, there's just something that I'm not sure about. Maybe the peter pan collar. I think this Burda jacket looks far more versatile and less cutesy.
It is drafted with 3/4 sleeves, but I think I'll change them to full length. I already have some lovely dark speckly wool from The Remnant Warehouse that I purchased at the end of winter last year. I really like the idea of this jacket. Hopefully it happens.

Vintage Butterick 3814
This pattern was an Op shop score. I love the style of this jacket and think it would be a nice huggable coat on a cool day. The fabric was purchased at the end of winter last year on my trip to Melbourne. 

Clearly these are big plans. Probably too much for one person raising three kids and working four days a week, but I like to dream big. I'd be super happy to make at least two of these for winter this year. Which will come first??


  1. That Burda jacket is stunning. I love the Anise, but the shape is doing nothing good for my figure. The princess seams on that one look much more flattering.

    I love that Marc Jacobs fabric for your cape, too. Was that a Melbourne Sewing Blogger meetup purchase?

    1. The black dot was in Melbourne. The Marc Jacobs was picked up from Melbourne as the Sydney store had sold out. I got it for 50% off too!

  2. Jackets are great for school. I have a whole selection in my wardrobe now I'm teaching. The classrooms are not heated (or cooled!) at my school either so they also need to be comfortable enough to reach up to the board and so on during class. You might want to consider this when making the toiles. Good luck.

    1. Excellent thinking! Our classrooms are heated and cooled though. Where are you teaching?

  3. I like the angles on the Vintage Butterick jacket and I can see that the length would keep you comfortable when you're out in the playground when it's freezing. And the pockets would make it easy to have gloves handy too.
    Both fabrics are great.
    Would you use a heavy lining as well, if the jackets will just be used for cold winter days in the playground?

  4. Excellent plans! I too have many jackets in planning stages. Lady Gray, Anise, Cordova & linen blazer. Too much? Never!! Go you!

  5. What about some colour? I love bright coloured coats, no black for me! I like the dotty fabric. With coats you'll have them forever so I don't think 3 is too many.

  6. Since it's you, I wouldn't call this a dream - I think it really is a plan.

    Of those three, the Burda pattern is one that really appeals to me - and I think it would really suit you. The vintage Butterick also looks really practical. I haven't worn a cape for many years and I can't remember how cosy they are so I can't comment on that one.

    PS go for it with V1308!

  7. Great picks! I love the design of the Burda one. I'm going to get started on my winter jacket soon...not that I actually need one. I started the toile last year and am planning on picking it up again next week.


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