Sunday, February 24, 2013


I've been thinking about making some changes to my blog and shop for a while now. When I first started my blog in early 2010, it was to sell kids clothes. I picked a cute name, opened an online shop, set up a table at a local craft market and sewed away. This worked for a while before I changed to sewing bonnets and then selling my pattern.

This little side business has provided me with some welcome play money over the years, allowing the occasional indulgence while I studied and took time to care for the kids. These days though, I work in a real job and earn real money (well a teacher's salary). Even the few bonnets that I have been making recently, have been horribly draining to complete. Seriously I've sewn hundreds and hundreds of them!

So really, the easy decision has been to shut my bonnet business. No more finished bonnets are available in my Etsy shop, just my bonnet pdf pattern. I know this sounds like an amazingly simple decision, but for some reason it has taken a while to get here and I feel an great sense of relief now that it's done.

The next change has been to smarten up my blog.

I've slightly changed the name to reflect to core content on my blog and also installed a new blog design (from here if you are interested). It's not too fancy, but it's a starting point and I doesn't have, nor need, any cutesy pictures on the header any more!

Finally, I needed to clear out all my bonnet supplies. But what was I to do with the fabric? Throw? Gift to kindy? Gift to my mum? Or sew one last batch of bonnets for one of my favourite shops.
Now I have a little extra play money to enjoy - to celebrate the end of my hand made business.

And every last scrap of bonnet fabric has been dealt with.
One day this will become a quilt.

Have a great week!


  1. love the new look - very sleek and chic (although I did quite like the cute graphic on your old header too). I can understand your relief at not sewing for the $$$ anymore, I imagine it would take away a fair bit of the joy in sewing

  2. love the new look as well. Happy sewing

  3. A gal needs a new look like a new hairstyle every so often and you've realised that on your own. The pdfs might still keep you in fabric money.
    Love your style.

  4. I bet it feels good to make that change! Good decision.


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