Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vogue 1306 - experimenting and planning

Well now folks,  I'm now officially on school holidays! One of the greatest benefits of becoming a teacher is having these coming 5 or so weeks off school!! Whoot whoo!!!!!!

Clearly I have a bunch of fun Christmas and holiday stuff to attend to. My kids are incredibly excited about Christmas and summer holidays. This time of year just keeps getting better and better. I can't believe I haven 't shared a Christmas post yet... soon my friends.

I'm so excited about sewing possibilities, that I'm practically paralysed when I walk into my sewing room. I have so many plans, so many ideas, but don't know what to attack first. I really want to use this time to sensibly add to my work wardrobe. While I do wear mostly dresses to work in summer, I also desperately need more separates. So these holidays I need to make more tops. Probably tank tops as they are versatile and work well with skinny pants. I have a linen tank cut and ready to sew. I also plan to make a lined lace tank and possibly also a Grainline scout tee out of some spot silk. (All three fabrics can be seen here).

I also need to make more pants. I have three very nice pant quality and length pieces of fabric that need to be transformed. Now, I'm  not setting my sights too high and don't plan to make all three pairs, but I do need to improve at least one pant pattern, probably the Clovers and possibly test another, the Thurlows. I do intend to slim the leg on these.

I also should get started on a frock that I will wear to my brothers wedding. I'm positively smitten with lace dresses at the moment and am tossing up between a white lace over colour frock like Melanie's, or a fully coloured lace dress like this, but in a different colour . I've been mulling over lace fabric available online, especially the mountains available on Etsy. Any direction would be appreciated!

Lastly, I do plan to make another easy stretch dress. Possibly using Vogue 1027 again, but maybe modifying the skirt a little so that it is less full.

So there are some loose plans, I guess I'll start easy with a tank and then go from there.

Now, on to Vogue 1306.
I've used this pattern before here and am quite happy with the result. I wanted to modify the pattern to make a tank with the same under-bust gathers.
I'm quite happy with the finished result. It's not perfect, but still wearable. I used a remnant of this fabric from Tessuti. Gosh what a lovely stable knit. So easy to sew with!
I could have cut the front neckline a little narrower, but it's OK. I also added the gathers to the back and added some length to make it a little easier to wear with skinnies.

I'm looking forward to learning more about sewing stretch in the new year. I'd love to avoid ironing just a few days each week.

Fabric: .8m remnant from Tessuti = $8.90
Pattern: Vogue 1306. Used before = free
Thread: from stash
Total: $8.90


  1. This top looks great with your changes. And I am with you on the 'happy' school holiday thoughts - some lovely long weeks ahead for sewing pleasure...J

  2. This is such a weather appropriate style. I hope you enjoy the longggg break.

  3. Looks great. I hope you really enjoy your holiday. I am finding it difficult to unwind this time.

  4. Great sewing plans- I have the Thurlow pattern but it's scaring me a bit, so I'll try the Juniper Colette one's instead! and Tova tanks as well! Have a great Xmas.


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