Sunday, December 9, 2012

Simplicity 2177 x 3

Where has the time gone? Christmas is almost here and I'm not ready yet. At all!

I've been busy hitting the machine, but not photographing and blogging the end results. I've made three dresses for my mother in law, another two dresses for Adele and two tanks that are too small and need to be removed from my sight *sigh*.

On the plus side, I've made three dresses for myself - two awesome, one so-so - all with Simplicity 2177. Nuts right?

Dress No. 1 - Gorgeous Florentina from Tessuti.
Unfortunately, I'm not happy with the fabric placement on this dress. I was hoping that the big medallions would just crop up from the waist and not extend much past the bust, but my plans failed and I have no one to blame but myself.
What's worse, I sat for ages trying to figure out how to best cut this fabric, and still had a mega 'doh' moment when I realised I'd stuffed up. Naturally, as I'm a mega fabric tightwad, I didn't have enough fabric to re cut the front bodice, so sewed it up as is. I love the fabric so much that if I were able to get my hands on some more (it's sold out) I'd probably unpick the bodice and sew up the front again. Oh well.

I had a few problems with the neckline bagging a little on this dress, so ended up easing the neckline back in and reinforcing it with some thin satin ribbon. After grading up the waist I found it was a little too big on the finished dress and ended up adding two tucks into the back of the dress for shape. They replicate the tucks on this skirt and add shape to the back of the dress, which is completely unshaped with no darts at all. Other than this the dress fit almost perfectly from the packet.

Dress No. 2 - Cotton eyelet from The Fabric Store and lined with black Spotlight voile.
I LOVE this dress! I made it last Saturday to wear to my work Christmas party and I LOVE it! Did I mention that I LOVE it?
After asking my lovely readers for advice with how to line this fabric, I decided to go with a very subtle black voile lining. The eyelet adds enough texture without a different coloured lining underneath.
 Very subtle bias from panels on the bodice.
The scalloped hem made this dress super fast to make. I omitted the pockets on this dress as I didn't want to add bulk and I was a little pressed for time with only a few hours to make this for the party.

This dress is almost perfect. Again I added the two tucks to the back of the dress, but that's all. The only 'doh' moment with this dress is that I cut the eyelet upside down!!! If you look closely to the photos, the drops don't fall down, they trail up! I was so seriously pissed with myself after this, but who would notice but me... and you now that I've told you  :)

Dress No. 3 - Striped interlock = comfy!
I bought this fabric quite some time ago from Harts Fabric in the US. It's a great quality charcoal and white striped interlock. Sturdy and stable enough to be a dress without worrying about excess clinging. I purchased 2 yards at the time and managed to get a renfrew and this dress out of the one piece.
To avoid more 'doh' moments with this pattern I took my time cutting this fabric and made no eff-ups! Woot woo! The dress came together super fast and the only changes made to the dress was to take an inch or two off each side to accommodate the knit fabric stretch. Just a simple, comfy, awesome summer frock for around the house.

So there you have, three dresses, one pattern, one monster post!

I'll come back later to post the costs of each frock. The kids have 'advised' me that my computer time has now run out.

Happy Sunday!

Edited to add costings for dresses
Dress 1 cost:
Pattern: Simplicity 2177 download = $5.99
Fabric: 1.25m Florentina = $52.50
Zipper: $3
Thread from stash
Total: $61.47

Dress 2 cost:
Fabric: 2m cotton eyelet from The Fabric Store: $30 on sale
Fabric: 1.5m black voile from Spotlight = $10
Zipper: $3
Thread from stash
Total: $43

Dress 3 cost:
Fabric: Remnant of striped cotton interlock = $10 approx
Thread from stash
Total: $10


  1. Great dresses! It looks as though you are all set for summer!

  2. Oh, that's hilarious! I have ummed and ahhed over this dress for ages, for my work Xmas Party! I went with another pattern, but couldn't get what I wanted in the fabric, so put this on the backburner. I decided to go with a dress I made for my sisters wedding and have only worn once. I love your black version, and the knit as well, that triangle panel on the front i=gives it some interest. Thanks for reminding me about it!

  3. I especially love the striped one.

  4. A pity about the medallion dress. But the others are gorgeous. Well done!

  5. I know you aren't happy with the medallion dress but I really loved it when I saw it in real life. It was edgy to me. All 3 dresses are great.

  6. I agree with velosewer, IRL the medallion dress is lovely, as are the others :)


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