Friday, December 14, 2012

A little busy

Gosh, I'm falling a wee bit behind on the blogging front these days. It's that time of year and I won't apologise for being one of the many people who are "so busy!" It seems to be everyone's life status these days. "How are you?" "I'm so busy! yeah yeah.

I'm busy, but mostly because I'm choosing to be. Yes, there are more social engagements to attend. Yes, there is still work. Yes, the kids need time. Yes, there is Christmas shopping to knock over, but mostly I'm busy because I've been spending too much time in here.
Can you tell I'm a messy creative?

I'm loving the fact that reports are out, programs are a worry of the past and my evenings are back to being mine. Did I mention that I have a new teaching job for next year? Possibly not, but it's at a new school, 4 days a week and I'm really happy about it. One less worry!

I'm determined to photograph the rest of my creations to share with you. Hold tight, I'll be back.


  1. So I'm not the only one with a room like that!

  2. My room looks like that right now, too!

  3. I seriously experienced a bit of de ja vu there for a moment... until I realised, nope - it make look like my sewing space, but its definitely someone elses :)
    Nothing wrong with a bit of mess, I say!


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