Monday, October 29, 2012


Oh my! The little monster is three!
We celebrated her birthday yesterday.
This was the first year she was a 'real' girl. She actually wanted girly things like a Barbie cake!!!  
 She had her favourite yum cha for lunch - yum!
Cabbage Patch Doll - my choice, not hers - how retro!
 Scooter and helmet.
And three Barbies! What a happy girl!

So for the next two weeks, until Ollie turns six - I have a three year old, four year old and five year old, and I must say, things are finally getting easier.

Happy birthday Miss!


  1. She looks just devine in the last picture with her barbies! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Very cute! Happy Birthday!
    Yeah and I know what you mean by things getting easier... thank goodness! :)

  3. She's so darling and getting so good at smiling for the camera! I also love her dress.

  4. Happy Birthday! Adele is such an Angel. A very sweet looking little girl. I bet she would be gorgeous when she grow up.
    Female Urologist

  5. Awesome cake... but bestest of all is that cheeky smile! Ace.


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