Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simplicity 1801 - Devil Fabric!

It's sad, but I don't love this dress. I've wanted to make it for so long, but really can't think about wearing it. In fact, it's taken me over 3 weeks just to blog it.
So the dress is probably OK, but the fabric was the devil to work with - silk chiffon! The dress seemed to take forever to make and was just nerve wrecking the whole way through. I was paranoid about ruining the fabric, cutting wrong, sewing wrong, just plain anxious. As it turned out, I had to re cut one skirt panel twice due to it being off grain and twisting.
The flat fold piping was also a little challenging to insert, as it generally always is, and the fit required a bit of tweaking, which I found as I sewed, as I didn't muslin the pattern first - risky!
This is the best shot of the piping, which was intentionally very fine.
It's funny, but when Sophie said recently that she was still happy with a garment that took quite some time to make, I didn't relate. I often find that the more I work on a garment, the less I love it in the end. I think this is the problem with this dress. I often wear the simpler garments that I make most - tanks, dresses, simple skirts.
I made a few modifications to get this dress to fit, just a tweak or two under the arm and waist. Most nerve wracking, was realising the v neck wasn't just low, it was downright indecent. Rather brazenly, and thankfully before attaching the waist band, I cut down the middle and removed about and inch, maybe more, from the centre front. The inside finish due to this isn't the best, but I just wasn't feeling able to pick apart a fully linen silk chiffon bodice.

Dress details:
Pattern: Simplicity 1801 $7 inc part shipping
Fabric: 2m silk chiffon from The Fabric Store, on sale $30
Lining: 1.5 m navy silk cotton also from The Fabric Store on sale $20
Invisible zipper and thread $5
Total: $63 Ouch!


  1. It looks lovely! I know what you mean about just not loving an item you're making. I have 3 perfectly fine garments sitting here waiting to be finished. Just a hem or waistband, but I don't love them enough...

  2. Ouch - that's an expensive meh! If the fabric's the issue I guess you won't even feel like cutting it down and turning it into a skirt. Better luck next time :)

  3. I actually think it really suits you! I have this same dress hanging unfinished in my sewing room. I'm attempting the sleeve version, though slightly worried about it bulking it up too much. Mine is too low also and somehow I managed up with a bodice that just doesn't quite fit. I will get back to it when I'm in the mood. I know what you mean, because I think the more you get frustrated the more you associate this feeling with the dress.

  4. I love the dress. It fits really well!

  5. i think it looks very nice on you. and $63 for a silk dress sounds like a bargain to me. :-)

  6. I think it looks great but I can relate (all too easily) about being put off a garment due to hassles making it, oh boy can I relate!

  7. I love this. If I had a chance of getting skinny enough to fit it for next Summer, I'd be begging for it to be handed off to me :)


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