Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simple shell

Gosh I've been smashed by work this week! I'm dreading the coming 9 and a  bit weeks. I hope the term flies by..
This simple shell has been sitting in my UFO pile for quite some time. At least 6 months. I don't know what pattern I cut. Possibly Simplicity 2599.
I thought a simple top would showcase this cool, Japanese border print the best. It's a Kayo Haroguchi double gauze print, but I fear it's a little boring. I'm also not sure I really like double gauze.

Anyway, it's off the UFO pile now.

Fabric 1.5 yards double gauze from Superbuzzy. I remember I purchased it on sale. Say $30 inc part postage?
Pattern: Probably Simplicity 2599, used before = free
Total: $30


  1. It isnt boring! It is really pretty and a lovely simple top.

    I'm interested though - why do you think you don't like double gauze? I haven't used it before but think it sounds nice ... it sounds really soft for some reason!!

    1. I'm not sure why I don't like it. It is lovely and soft and it is nice to wear, I just feel that it won't last or wear as nicely as other fabric types. We'll see though. I have made another dress in this fabric, but due to fit it isn't worn often. Maybe I'm just being overly judgy. :)

  2. I think it looks lovely too. I sewed a few garments in double gauze (the Heather Ross fairytale type ones) and really liked them - but they were for the kids, not for me. But the kids seem to like it as a fabric too! It is lovely and soft, and wasn't too difficult to sew. I rather fancy laying my hands on some more of it.

  3. Perfect and cool looking for the coming hot days. You worked the border print well into the pattern, making it highlight as the feature.
    Yes, one week down and nine to go...going to be one long last term...

  4. Cute top and great use of the border print. Not boring...just cute. I'm a bit wrecked after week one too.


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