Friday, October 26, 2012

Cotton eyelet protocol

I'm just after a little input from my wise readers today.

I have this great black cotton eyelet that I picked up earlier this year from The Fabric Store. I really want to use it to make a Simplicity 2591, but am unsure whether to line the dress.

I kinda like the violet lining, but as usual, am worried about it looking a little too 'crafty' and naturally it will add bulk, which I don't need in summer. If I don't line it and just wear a black slip, the effect will be more subtle, but you'll still see the detail.
What do you think? Fully line, or just wear a slip? Or another thought, should I line it in black to be more subtle and less craftsy??

Also what's your opinion about scalloped hems? Too cutesy or OK?

I'm feeling a little indecisive today. Can you tell?

Lastly, I've received quite a few requests recently for my copy of Simplicity 2591. I'm not sure what has stirred this recent interest as the pattern is old. Unfortunately, I'm not ready to let go of mine yet, but if one of my readers has a copy they don't want, I urge you to pop it on Etsy or Ebay. There are people in need.


  1. I think the scalloped hem would look nice.
    And could you just make a violet slip so that you can wear the dress with either the black slip or the violet one, depending on your mood? That way you aren't totally committing to either but get the best of both worlds?

  2. I think black on black with a scalloped hem. Slip or a nice silk/cotton lining. I agree that the violet would look a bit craftsy.

    Hands off the patterns people!! I bought my 2591 from not that long ago and paid full price plus international shipping... The things we do!

  3. I LOVE scalloped hems! I think they are delicate and feminine without being too cutesy. I like the idea of a colored lining, but maybe not that color. It's too much contrast. A deep blue or purple would be nice, as would a neutral.

  4. I was gonna say line it, because I'm not so invested in you looking good if I get a laugh, but Jacinta has a much more sensible and nice suggestion :)

    BTW - I loved your last dress and I hope once you get over the experience of making it you love it too

  5. I love the idea of a scalloped hem! I would suggest underlining it. If you line it or not, the seam allowances will be visible - if you underline it you will just seen the seams.
    I think if you do it in black you will lose the impact of the eyelets. If you are concerned about a craftsy look, go for a champagne, silvery grey colour. This is all IMHO. Gorgeous fabric!

  6. Another vote for black lining. I think scalloped hems are totally your style too, with the black fabric it wont look too cutesy but more classic (hope that makes sense!)

  7. I like a scalloped hem too - it's perfectly right for a summer dress. I love the violet colour, and since the eyelet is so fine it won't be eye blinding obvious, but if you are worried about looking crafty I think sewbusylizzy is right to suggest more grown up colours of champagne or silver


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