Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Burda 3/2012-106

I'm so incredibly happy with this dress. What do you think?
My husband took these photos while he cooked dinner on the barbeque. He didn't mention the clothesline in the back ground until he'd taken his negotiated 10 shots. I  managed to convince him to take two more. I wish I'd have worn my black shoes, but he was rushing me... I think I'll continue taking my own photos from now on.

Back to the dress. I used Burda 3/2012-106 cutting a straight size 36.
The crazy orange, hounds tooth-like, poly stretch fabric was rescued from an old strapless dress that I wore only a handful of times before having kids. I'm just not comfortable wearing strapless garments when there is a very real risk of a kid pulling it down.

To salvage the strapless dress I originally changed it to a midi skirt, but it hasn't been worn often enough to keep it. I think this is a much more paletable solution for this wild fabric.
The bottom of the dress is black ITY jersey which I picked up from The Remnant Warehouse on the weekend. I knew that with gathers sitting in such an odd place on my upper bust, that the base fabric would have to be super drapey to prevent it looking like a maternity dress.

I cut the skirt longer than I normally do. Just for something different and I really like it.

Dress cost:
Pattern: Burda 3/2012-106 traced from Library copy = free
Fabric: Orange fabric salvaged from existing garment = free
Black ITY Jersey 1m = $8.95
Thread and interfacing from stash
Total: $8.95

Yes - I am happy about that price!!


  1. LOVE IT!! Looks great...brilliant contrast...PS Love the hair too!

  2. Can't believe you have Burda mags at your library!! Mine is pathetic with no decent mags or books at all. :(
    The dress seriously is awesome... especially with the orange fabric - looks like jigsaw pieces.

  3. Wow! That is fabulous! You are looking stunning, and the combination of print and black works incredibly well. I have dress envy!

  4. Great use of fabric - just enough colour to make it pop! Our local Shire library has a great range of Burda, Stitches and other crafty magazines - always borrowing out a couple...

  5. Your dress look fabulous. I actually have that copy borrowed from the library at the moment. I couldn't find anything I liked, but your version looks better than the ones in the magazine. Burda makes it look like a nightie!

  6. It looks awesome on you! And the orange 'dress' works really well with that pattern!


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