Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Topiary Trousers

Technically these aren't trousers, but I couldn't help the funny sad alliteration here...
When I purchased this fabric from the Op Shop, I had no outlook for how it was going to be used. I only had a 50cm cut of fabric, so it was going to be for Adele. I thought I skirt might be nice, but given her tendency to swing her legs in a crazy fashion, rendering any modesty impossible, I thought shorts more appropriate.
She loves her pink striped shorts with topiary trees on them. The daycare teachers love them too. I hear they are going to be all the rage this summer. What's that? Your kid doesn't have any? Well, poor you!
Again, the pattern in the Oliver & S Puppet Show shorts pattern. This time I lengthened the pattern slightly.

With 4 new pairs of short, I think she has enough for now.

More of Adele week to come.


  1. Such cute clothing. I particularly liked yesterday's top.

  2. Bring on the week of Adele - she's such a cutie and I love seeing all the little girl things that mine are too old for now.

  3. these shorts are so lovely! I especially love your daughters poses though ;)

  4. Cute. You can get "Monkey Bar Knickers" from Big W. Basically a little boy leg/trunk undies which are great for under dresses and skirts when a little more modesty is required.


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