Friday, September 7, 2012

Sewing for the girl child

Once upon a time, I used to sew most of my kid's clothes. Then the boys trashed everything I made, time became more limited and I became more selfish, choosing to sew to me, rather than the kids. But every now and then I feel like I need to use my sewing powers for the good of the family.

There's nothing like a few surprise warm days to make you realise the kids are in desperate need of summer clothes. I looked over the Target catalogue this week and contemplated stocking up for the family. But really, I do have a substantial quantity of fabric which I could use for the kids. So after a morning of sewing, Adele now has three new pairs of shorts.
Spotlight cotton drill from the discount table. I only had 50cms as it was purchased for her and from memory is was only a dollar or two.
Always the over smile!!
Vintage fabric from the Op Shop. Again only $1 and I have more for something else.
Heather Ross linen cotton fabric which I originally purchased to trim Adele's backpack. It didn't match the main fabric well, so this has been maturing in my stash for over a year now.
Cute pockets to hide tissues in, so I get an pleasant 'snowy' surprise when I hang the clothes on the line. This pattern is the Oliver & S Puppet Show shorts - a super quick and well sized pattern - which I borrowed from Sam. I made Adele a size 3 and they fit well. The total cost for three pairs of shorts is about $15 inc elastic.

Even though I feel like I've contributed a little, I'll probably still head out to buy her and the boys some new t-shirts. I don't have much knit fabric in my stash and our hand-me-downs have well and truly dried up now.

So tell me, have you been sacrificing your precious sewing time for the family too?


  1. Love the shorts. Will have to add those to my list of things to sew.
    I started sewing some bits and pieces for my baby boy, until my friend passed on 6 garbage bags full of boys clothes to last me for at least 5 years! Lovely.
    So now I just have to sew for my two girls and me who I literally have to compete with regarding "whose turn" it is to have something made for them. And they don't let me forget that I promised to sew them "X item" ... I would love to use up all my sewing time for me but that isn't happening. I don't mind though as they love to wear what I've made. Feels good. :)

  2. What darling little shorts. I sewed nearly everything for my daughters when they were small as I find little girls' clothes are so much fun to make (being prone to overembellishment and pretty-pretty fabric), but for my son, I find sewing is deadly dull and prone to tomato sauce and severe rips in the knee after 5 minutes wear, somehow I am not so enthusiastic about it.
    Now I am trying to convince my daughters to sew their own clothes but they would rather I do it, so I have made my own problem!

  3. Love the shorts, have added that pattern to my wishlist thanks ;)
    I try to sew up my fabricstash as much as possible as I seem to have too much fabric (not that you can have too much but well ;))


  4. Cute shorts! What do you mean she puts the tissues in her pockets?! Henry puts them back in the box so I get a snotty surprise...

    Can't go past $4 t-shirts from Kmart!!

  5. Adorable shorts and even more adorable over-smile!

  6. I used to sew a lot more for my daughters but when clothing is so cheap for kids it's hard to justify spending the time and cost on it. Also with girls I've found they become picky, at least my eldest at 7 is, and I'd rather just get something easily from the shop then spend precious time that I could have used to make something for myself. That being said, I just cut 4 garments out for my twins to bust the fabric stash.

  7. Gorgeous shorts! Clare was trying some on at the shops last night and it didn't take long before we decided thatI would sew her some instead. So it looks as though my project pile is getting higher by the moment! You've done a lovely job with those (and I'm with you on buying t-shirts...)

  8. Cute shorts. I sew for the kids in dribs and drabs, though it used to be the other way around. I don't actually mind sewing stuff for the kids but never seem to have the right fabric for them (where as I have plenty for me).

  9. Oh my you are sooooo fast. I have made the puppet show shorts twice and I swear each pair took me about 5 hours (!!). There are so many gorgeous details, how do you get through them so quickly? They look great!

    1. Jillian it gets faster as you go. I think all three pairs, once cut, took only 2 hours to sew. :)

    2. Again, you are amazing. I gotta find me some pace! :)


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