Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bubble Dress

More sewing for Adele.
This time the Oliver & S Bubble Dress. I've made this dress quite a few times, but my pattern only goes to size 2. When a friend offered her larger size pattern to trace, I jumped at the chance,
This has got to be my favourite little girl pattern ever, I'm even contemplating making a second straight away with some Sarah Jane balloon fabric in my stash. This time I made it complete with scalloped edge, which I adore. This fabric is a Zoe Pearn quilting cotton which I purchased over a year ago.

With a smile like that, this kid is going to regret most of her childhood photos.


  1. Beautiful child, beautiful dress! That is one of the Oliver + S patterns that I haven't made, because my girls are just that little bit too large for it. Maybe I should consider grading it up a bit for Stella! Adele looks so pretty in those photos.

  2. Your little girl is so cute and that dress is just adorable.

    At least you get smiles - my older ones always try to pull weird faces in photos.

  3. So cute!! I can't believe how quick she is growing up!!

  4. Uber-cute :) I may have to start a secretive collection of Oliver & S patterns....


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