Thursday, September 13, 2012

Balloon Dress

Another dress for Adele.
Again, I used the Oliver & S bubble dress bodice. I wanted this dress to be more of an 'everyday dress', so didn't make the bubble hem. Instead I added pockets and piping to the bodice. The fabric is a Sarah Jane 'Children At Play' fabric.
Actually, adding the piping was a crazy decision that may have been made at 10:30pm on Saturday night, after a few wines and after I had attached the skirt and half top stitched the lining (I'm generally too lazy to hand stitch lining, more so with kids clothes).
So at 10:30, I found myself ripping the skirt off, making piping and attaching it to the dress and re-attaching the skirt. Despite the alcohol induced decision doubt at the time, I know now that this was definitely the best decision to make.
The kiddo likes it so much, she's decided to share another "fab" smile with you!

Thursday is the new Friday!! Woo Hoo!!


  1. Another glass, another spunkalicious creation. Maybe you should drink'n'sew more often - I'm loving these dresses! Of course, gorgeous fabric helps too... ;)

  2. So gorgeous! This spring weather has made me want to make clothes for the children too, but so far I've only managed one dress for Milla - much less productive than you. The piping on this one was definitely a good decision, it looks lovely.

  3. Great decision to add the piping, it adds a great contrast.

  4. Very pretty, and it looks cool, comfortable and practical. I love the pockets. The piping really emphasises the lovely colours in the fabric.

  5. lovely fabric and the addition with pockets was a fab idea!!!


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