Saturday, July 14, 2012

Simplicty 2599 in Liberty

Another simple shell top made with Liberty.
I live in these shell tops winter and summer. They work well with my skinnies, Emerson's and work pants. This time I've trialled a new trim detail, which I borrowed from New Look 6754.
I like this look, different to my previous pleated neck shell tops. The buttons are vintage shell buttons which I picked up from the Op Shop many, many months ago. The fabric is an older Liberty design called Snug. It has a different feel to my other Liberty fabric. Slightly less smooth.
The neckline is a little clunky on this tank. I accidentally lowered it too much, not remembering that I'd already modified my pattern last time. I wish it were a tad higher, but it will do.
The neck detail is a little tricky to photograph.

Pattern: Simplicity 2599. Used many times = free
Fabric: 1m Liberty Snug from Shaukat inc part shipping $23
Buttons: 20c from Op Shop
Thread: from stash
Total: $23.20

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I have slacked off a little recently with my documenting of the costs for each item I sew. I've been a little dis-interested in maintaining a few things in the web world lately. No more pattern review, Burda, Ravelry, my own monthly sewing page.... I think I'll try to update some of these and will probably go back and add the costs. I'll let you know when it is done, just in case you are particularly interested.

Also note: I photographed 5 more finished items today, so will have lots more sewing news to show this week.

Update: All previous posts without costings have now  been updated, so too has my Sewing 2012 log. It didn't take long at all, don't know why I became so lazy...


  1. Another cute little top. I like the neck detail.

  2. So pretty! FYI the neckline doesn't look too low from here.

  3. A great top, and I love the pleat and button detail.
    So pleased to have found your blog and all it's sewy goodness :)

  4. Very sweet. You really are the queen of cute, easy-to-wear Liberty tops. I love the little front detail.

  5. thanks for sharing.


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