Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pintuck Blouse

Another finished item and a much needed addition to my work wardrobe. I love this blouse so much that I've struggled to photograph it since I finished it over a week ago, as I've worn it so much.

As you can see from these crappy indoor photos, taken on a dark, rainy, wintery day (boo!), I'd already been wearing it for the day before finally managing to photograph it, so please excuse the wrinkles.
The pattern is the Pintuck Blouse pattern from Salme Patterns. The pattern was very straightforward with no real issues. You do need to add seam allowance, which is a bit of a pain, but not hard to do. The only changes I made to the pattern was to remove over an inch from the sleeve cap to reduce the gathers. I'm not really 'in' to big sleeves on my frame and this fabric isn't drapey like the chiffon on the pattern picture. I also added elastic to the sleeve cuffs - just because.
The fabric is a lovely Liberty tana lawn called Melanie Atai. I think my love of Liberty is well documented on this blog and this design is definitely one of my favourites. I love that Liberty is so easy to sew with, it is cool in summer (which is most of our year) and I find that the more you wash and wear it, the easier it is to iron. Do you find that too?

So the question now - I have white thread on my overlocker, what can I find to sew with white before I change it again?..... I'm not afraid to change it, I know how, I just hate doing it. Is your sewing dictated by the thread colour on your overlocker or is it just me?

Fabric: 1m Melanie Atai Liberty inc part shipping $23
Pattern: Salme Pintuck Blouse $6
Thread, button and elastic from stash
Total $29


  1. Lovely blouse! I cut out heaps of stuff and then stack them all up next to my sewing bench. I then sew according to the overlocker thread. Next up is navy for a batch of denim clothes! Then it will be black for swimwear and heaps of black work clothes.

  2. your blouse is very pretty! I've been thinking of getting that pattern so its nice to see a finished version. and yes I always sew by serger colour too I'm just finishing a dress I used white for and I need to see if I can make at least 1 more thing too before I switch it. Jill

  3. This is really a lovely style on you - so pretty! I haven't worn / washed my couple of Liberty tana lawn tops enough to know how they iron over time. Sound good though!

    I don't have an overlocker so I don't have this problem - my seams are not very beautiful on the inside and not very fast to finish, but it's nice to hear there's an upside ie not needing to worry about threading another machine :-)

  4. I don't have an overlocker but have used the one in my sewing class and found it it fine to change colours. At first I thought you had to start all over again and thought what a palava. But you just tied the new ones and pulled through, so am happy with that. Only used it a couple of times.

  5. Very pretty blouse. It looks great on you.

    Do I get dictated by my OL thread - sometimes. When I have the same colour on my overlocker and coverstitch machines, I do ask myself if there is anything to make (knit items) so I don't have to change over two lots of thread. Although I did not on the weekend. I took out purple to replace with blue to then go on to a purple project. I was almost annoyed with myself but the blue was a priority project and the purple just a throw together item at the last minute.

  6. Is it bad to say I have never changed the thread colour on my overlocker?? I have always had white threaded and I use it for every garment, regardless of colour. That being said, I usually only use it for seam finishing, not the actual seam itself, so I manage to get away with it!


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