Sunday, July 29, 2012

Miz Mozelle

After seeing Sophie's adorable Miz Mozelle, I quick marched to my own pattern to have a crack.
I walked past this fabric at least 5 times before I purchased it. It's a viscose (or similar) knit from The Remnant Warehouse. I can't say I'm into faux lace fabric, but from far, I think the fabric design looks cool.
I didn't quite match the sleeves, but at least they are both the same.
I made my bias trim with simple black voile - just a scrap from the stash. A tiny black love heart button closes the key hole. The peter pan collar is nice and trim. Subtle even. I sometimes feel odd wearing peter pan collars, like the one on the Violet blouse, but I think this might be a more wearable collar. Less costumey and less juvenile.

Ever-so-slightly off with the key hole, but I won't be fixing it :)
While the dress came together very easily, it took well almost two weeks to finish. Such short sewing moments! The changes I made to the pattern:
  • Raised the base of the key hole about 1.5cms. I really want to wear this to work and it is too low in its drafted state.
  • Added flat fold piping to the collar. Might have also copied this from Sophie. I slightly mis-calculated my piping depth though, so it's a very scant 1-2mm finished piping size.
  • Cut the bodice and skirt in one, to prevent having to match the scallop print.
  • Added elastic to the waist by just zig zagging it onto the inside. The fabric pattern hides all stitching, so I didn't see the point in breaking up the designs.
It was positively freezing while taking these photos today. My legs look more grey than white! Tomorrow, I'll wear this to work with thick black tights and black cardigan, and obviously a coat!

Pattern: Miz Mozelle by Jamie Christina. $18 from Kelani purchased at The Sydney Quilt Show
Fabric: 1.2m viscose knit from The Remnant Warehouse $9.50
Button and bias fabric: Say $3??
Thread from stash
Total: $30.50

In other news, Rachel and I are heading on girls weekend down to Melbourne and it just so happens to be the weekend of a sewer meet-up! We've been talking about a get away for a while. I'm so excited! I might have to make a few things before we go to justify any new fabric purchases. This will be my first trip away from both kids and husband. I wonder what time I'll wake in the morning without three kids jumping on me?

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Beautiful dress! Your sewing output is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

  2. so beautiful! i really love the scallop-y fabric you used. you sew so many things, i am jealous!! i need to pull my finger out ;)

  3. I LOVE this! Your version is just beautiful, the fabric is perfect and you look gorgeous. Thanks for the mention hehe.

  4. Love the fabric - it looks great made up in that pattern. You do look cold though.

  5. OMG love love love it. The fabric is great!

  6. the fabric and dress look great

  7. I love the dress...looks beautiful! Have fun in Melbourne! Enjoy the freedom...I can't wait to hear of your adventures!

  8. Another lovely dress. Looks gorgeous on you. Love the keyhole and collar.

  9. Its gorgeous on you. the collar is great... not kiddie at all.

  10. Christy!
    I think this is one of my faves of yours! So sweet but not sickly! Love it!

  11. I really like that! Such a good idea to sew the skirt and bodice in one piece too! Now run inside and get a hot drink!

  12. Love this dress! I have seen this around blogland for some time and yours is definitely one of my favourite versions. The fabric works beautifully with this pattern. Is that a new hair colour? Looks good.

    You are soooooo gonna love your weekend away. Melbourne, good friend, no kids/ hubby. You will come back a new woman!

    Hope you share what you get up to, I'm off to Melbourne next month and need some ideas.......

  13. I also love this dress and the hair colour. I think this is one of the most stunning pieces you've posted. It suits you perfectly!

  14. Thanks so much for showing the Miz Mozelle dress! So few people have made this and while I've had this pattern for a year I've been afraid to make it. You see: I'm a very very young looking 59 and I am so afraid that the pattern is just too young -- I'd bought it for my daughter and she doesn't like it. I love it, though. I think the answer is probably in the fabric. Nothing sweet, no flowers, no eyelet. Something a little more daring? I don't know....I still need to ruminate. But, yours is gorgeous!

  15. Wow, this has jumped to the top of my list of your favourite makes ;o) The fabric is really cool and the style adorable on you...I want!!!

  16. What a super cute dress. I love the print and the dress. Great match.

  17. Gosh you are clever Christy! This looks amazing on you and I love the print.


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