Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Liberty Lantana Tova

This is the last project finished during my school holiday break. I've had the photos ready to use for over a week, but they are kinda crappy, which has been delaying my posting them. Unfortunately, I just won't have the time to re-shoot them for a while, so here they are.

These skinnies clearly don't 'go' with this top, but I took a few photos on this day.

This Tova was made with some Liberty Lantana that my mum bought for me last year for my birthday. I made a simple frock with it originally, but it was just slightly too tight around the back and I felt that the gold print made it just a little too dressy to wear during the day.
I managed to cut the front and back from the dress. I salvaged the sleeves and used a small remnant for the front yoke and neck. I used bias binding for the neck, rather than the collar. There are slightly less gathers under the yoke, due to fabric shortage, but I think it looks OK. I also double face the yoke. If you've ever worn a Tova, you probably know that the front yoke tends to hang open. This fabric isn't double sided, so this makes the underside look less yucky.

I still have two half finished projects waiting for attention in my sewing room. Fingers crossed they get some love this weekend.



  1. Fabulous reconstruction. I think it looks fine with the jeans - what will you pair it with when you wear it?

  2. Glad you could remake something that you will wear with this fabric - it is gorgeous fabric!!!

    ✿ Judy
    made by J

  3. Have fabulous that you can get a style you love from something that wasn't perfect. Everybody seems to love their Tovas.

  4. Nice top and a great save. I think you've created a really user friendly top that should get heaps of wear.

  5. I agree with Marie. It looks great with jeans. Although your so pretty you could wear any type of pants and it would still look good. I like that it's not solid black. It has a tiny little bit of color to it. That gives it a nice unique look.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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