Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back in black

With the over locker thread now on black, I've taken the opportunity to whip up some simple black tees. I'm really beginning to feel more confident sewing knit fabrics with three of these drafted by moi!
This tee was drafted by simply tracing over a cheap old t-shirt in my wardrobe. I love this style of easy tee with cap sleeves. I used a remnant of double knit from this dress, binding the sleeves and neck with the reverse stripe of this fabric. I'm wearing this today and am happy :)

Another self drafted tee, this one part based on Dixie DIYs loose knit tee. I tried to only add volume to the back of this top hoping it would fold nicely, but it just sat funny, so I whipped it in on the sides. I raised the neck and little and tried not adding the bound sleeves. I like it. This is also a remnant, this time of lightweight ponte from this dress.

Again self drafted, based on the same tracing as the first tee, but this time with smaller sleeve cuffs. I really like this one. It is made with a viscose stripe knit from Tessuti, which I got with my birthday money in May. (Can't seem to find it on their site, but I think this is similar).
This is a Renfrew, made with the same Tessuti knit fabric as above. I squeezed both tees our of just 1.3 meters of fabric. Pattern placing was tight and I haven't matched stripes, but it isn't too noticeable.

So there is some more necessary sewing dictated by the colour of thread on my over locker. I have two more knit items in black to finish off before I start sewing some fun clothes.

Can you tell I'm binging on sewing at the moment?? I'm so happy that my sew-ho is in full force at a time when I actually have time to sit at the machine. This phenomenon doesn't seem to happen often to me - well it feels like that anyway. You know, when you want to sew you have no time, when you have time you don't want to sew. Same as shopping with money means you find nothing to buy, but with no money and you find a zillion things you want. I know you know what I mean. I will stop now. Peace out friends.

T-shirt 1 & 2 both remnants made with self drafted patterns= free

T-shirt 3 & 4
Pattern: self drafted and renfrew used before = free
Fabric: 1.1m (over measured slightly- yay!) Tessuti viscose knit @ $22pm = $24.20
Total $24.20 together


  1. Love all the tops. You are too talented girlfriend. Do you want to come and re-thread my overlocker. I usually leave it with the white thread so I don't have to do it, but a 4 year old decided she would pull the threads out. Not happy Jan.

  2. You are doing some excellent holiday sewing! I feel happy just reading about it. And I do the same thing as you with the overlocker thread - I've just finished three garments overlocked in red all in a row and am wondering if there is anything else I "need" to make in red before I change it! Love all those tops, especially your Renfrew (I've just made my second and it's time to make more and refine the fit more I think). Enjoy the rest of your holiday sewing.

  3. All pieces look excellent. It's great that you are feeling inspired to sew. I am looking forward to seeing what else you are going to make these holidays.


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