Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too many??

How many of any one type of garment do you need? Or more importantly, do you make?

Quite some time ago, I spied a lovely blouse at Emerson Made (now Emerson Fry).
Ahh - lovely!
I loved the  pleated neckline so much that I copied it.
Then I copied it again.
Then my sister gave me an original silk version that was too small for her (yay!).

The grey and pink horse pleated blouse has definitely been one of the most highly worn handmade garments since it was made. I love it and wore it again today. My only gripe about the design is it can be a little time consuming to iron and can get a little creased when you are lugging around numerous bags, as I was today, but all in all, I love it.

So anyway, the question. I have this lovely, lovely Liberty fabric...
Even though my piece of this fabric is a large 1.5m, I really want to make another pleated neck blouse with it, but I already own three. Is it OK to make another? or is a 4th just a little too odd?

Another interesting point - have you noticed the Liberty-like prints that are cropping up at Spotlight??
Can you see my birdy print in there in a poly chiffon or similar? I'm not sure how I feel about them. I think it's OK as it makes some of these designs more affordable, but it's interesting still...

Looking forward to hearing from you about the blouse. It has been playing on my mind for a few weeks now, stalling any progress with this fabric.


  1. Go for it! If you love it, keep making them.

  2. Oh wow, are they little birds on that Liberty fabric? Absolutely go for it. Your previous versions are beautiful and they look like they fit perfectly, if it ain't broken, don't fix it! (or something like that!) The fabric is so perfect for this make, it would be a crime not to make a 4th version. x

  3. You love them, they look's a no brainer! And the style will look just wonderful in that gorgeous Liberty print you have ;o)

  4. I think it is a most fabulous shirt and the fabric is different enough -- why not? Before I started sewing for myself, I wore the same tee shirt everyday in different colors and thought absolutely nothing of it.

    Use the Liberty!

    As for fake Liberty? Yes, the prints are nice but the thing I crave about Liberty is the feel of it on my skin. So, it's never going to be the same thrill!

  5. That blouse will be lovely in the bird print Liberty. A TNT pattern is a treasure, especially for fabrics that would otherwise be too good to risk cutting.

  6. Yep, do it. I am loving the pleated neckline too and wondering how it's done?

  7. I say do it as well! And where did you get that wonderful horse print fabric from?

  8. A top you feel good in should be made in lots of versions, and yours are all different because of the prints. I would keep making them! They all look lovely on you.
    Prints pretending to be Liberty Tana Lawn on poly chiffon don't do much for me, but finding pretty lawn prints at Spotlight last year was terribly exciting - I think it must be the fabric texture as much as the wonderful prints that makes Liberty so nice to wear.

  9. I love the pleated neckline. I don't think four is too many

  10. LOL - Here's my most recent blog post as a reply!

    (Hint: Version #6 of my favourite pattern!)

  11. I say go for it. You can never have too many versions of something you love.

  12. Just seen your Q re using wovens for the Miz Mozelle

  13. I like the blue shade on the first shirt. Baby blue is my favorite color. I also like the pictures of the little horses on the other shirts.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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