Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simplicity 2603

Not much to say about this pattern except that I'm happy with it. There are two variations to this front draped cardigan, which I think was Pattern Reviews top pattern in recent years. Not knowing which I would prefer, I started making the longer version, but quickly decided to cut the hem back to the shorter version.
Long version - meh, not me.

BIIGGGG wings!

Ahhh, that's better!

I used a poly wool double knit fabric that I purchased from Spotlight at their 50% off sale. The fabric is a little scratchy, so needed to be worn above my clothes. It also isn't very thin or drapey which meant I couldn't wear this cardigan in any style option pictured on the envelope.

I omitted the elastic at the back neckline, as I don't think it needed it. I also didn't hem any edge as the fabric finished nicely without it. The fabric is super warm and lovely to wrap myself in on a cold day at school. My only gripe - I made the wrong size! For some insane reason I cut the smallest size in the envelop and the cardigan is a little snug around the back. Any tips for stretching out a wool double knit??


  1. Looks like a lovely addition to your winter wardrobe. Although it's hard to see in the photos, it looks like it hangs nicely.

  2. Hi - I've made this cardi-wrap in both versions in merino jersey, and I have to say I wear the shorter cardi more often. I thought I would wrap the longer version around myself as per the pattern envelope , but all it does is add bulk to my middle, which I don't need. I think I'll take your lead and go the long version with my scissors.
    I'm sure you'll find this handy for school:)

  3. I have the shorter version of this too. Love it! Really should make a warmer version for this winter though.... my last years version is just a cotton jersey.


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