Thursday, June 7, 2012

McCalls 6553

I purchased McCalls 6553 a couple of weeks ago at the Vogue sale. As it was being shipped to me, I saw Sallieoh make it and instantly felt a just a little bit cooler than my daggy, tired, mum-self. I don't think I'm a particularly fashionable person. When I sew, I sew what I like, want and need. ?Generally not what's in the shops or what other people are wearing. Anyway, this frock rocks!
I made a trip to the Remnant Warehouse just to buy fabric for this dress and I'm very happy with this double sided knit. This dress is a fabric eater though, so make sure you check the yardage. I think I used well over 2 meters of 150 wide fabric.

As it was an unlabelled remnant, I think this mystery fabric is a double knit of some poly or man-made content, but I can't be sure. It is thick and warm and drapes well and that's all that counts.
I made a size 6, as the ease in this dress is generous (42 inch finished bust size for a size 6). I ended up removing about 1 inch from each back pleat and also took in the underarm an inch each side as the gape was little indecent for school.
Surprisingly I like the mullet hem. I think it adds a little interest without looking odd. I sewed a scant 1/4 inch hem to retain some length and I'm glad I did. I'm definitely not cool enough to wear this shorter!
The dress can be worn with the back flowing, or belted around fully, which I prefer. I made the belt with just a strip of fabric cut against the stretch, as I think the striped underside looks cool.

I'm very happy with this dress and have worn it twice already since last Saturday. I might even have to start planning another...

Pattern: McCalls 6553 = $7 inc part shipping
Fabric: 2.8m @ $6p/m = $16.80
Thread and button from stash
Total: $23.80

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  1. you look beautiful! i love this dress, the mullet hem is pretty subtle so I think it works better than some hi/low hem dresses I've seen. You were smart to take some of the bulk out of the back pleats and the side seam since it is such a voluminous dress. It looks much more fitted.


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