Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project Success! Style 2130

I promise I won't start every blog post with 'Project Success' or 'Project Fail', but I felt I needed to balance yesterday's fail.
Taking inspiration from a few skirts that I've pinned, like this, this and this, (I'm so pleased to be actually using some of these images!!), I made this skirt in just over an hour and I know will become a highly worn garment.
After purchasing this ponte knit skirt from the Op Shop (with an elastic waist no less!) I knew I need more of that stretchy, comfy, ponte goodness in my wardrobe.
With Style 2130 (c.1978) in hand, I headed to Spotlight to pick some navy ponte knit fabric. This flared skirt is actually an eight gored skirt, which uses less fabric than a circle or half circle skirt.
As I used a knit, I omitted the zipper and instead ran some elastic in the waistband just in case the fabric doesn't recover well during wear. I stays up just fine and is super comfortable. I added a few belt loops because I know I'll need them.

Can you tell me sew-jo is back! I'm so excited. I have projects planned, cut and ready to go. I also have a few projects waiting to blog. I've got a little more energy and I'm loving sewing again - rather than forcing myself to do it!

Project cost:
Pattern: Style 2130 C.1978 = 50c Op Shop
Fabric:  1.4m navy ponte = $19.60 Spotlight
Thread: from stash
Total: $20.10


  1. A very lovely skirt. Yay for garments that work!

  2. It looks great and I'm following you on pinterest now! x

  3. nice job! really loving the orange and black together too :)

  4. Super impressed about the sew-jo and the NON-ZIP. Clever clogs.

  5. Looks great! How do you finish your hem though? I'm making a knit top at the moment and I can't seem to get it so the hem doesn't ripple!

  6. Wow I had that pattern in 77-78 and remember making about three versions from Liberty fabrics. Nice to see it's stood the test of time but I guess that makes me vintage too ;-(

  7. That looks great! Now I want to sew a knit skirt today.

  8. Looks fab. Love the orange with it.


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