Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Fail. Vogue 1247

Sometimes fabric on the discount table at Spotlight should stay there. Sometimes fabric that costs $1.50 per meter, isn't even worth that.  Sometimes, when a project is going so, so wrong, you shouldn't even bother finishing it.

I blame this project failure 80% on the fabric and 20% on my sewing.

I cut this pattern about two days before I sewed it. The fabric is a mystery polyester crepe fabric. It's drapey and opaque and kinda weighty. As soon as I moved the pieces, most of them warped out of shape. I'm not sure if I cut them off grain, I don't think I did, but the fabric moved in all sorts of weird ways.
When sewing the fabric continued to behave in an odd manner and as it was  polyester, it didn't respond to a good pressing. The construction of the top was relatively easy though, and the french seams meant I didn't need to change the thread on my overlocker - always a good thing! I didn't succeed in matching the centre seams very well, but I already knew the project was a failure at this point, so didn't bother trying very hard. I also haven't clipped the threads, that's how bad a fail this baby is!

This pattern won't get the better of me though. I will try again and I'm confident it will work.

Hope you manage to steal some moments in front of your machine this weekend.

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh shame! Thanks for the tips about this one, I'll know not to go for anything too slippery. It still looks nice from back here.


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