Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Liberty Violet

My first attempt at the Colette Violet pattern and I really like it.

I used Liberty called Mike, which I purchased from Shaukat. It has the a lovely mix of stripes in pink, violet, navy and white with a hint of olive.
I quite like how the stripes worked. I cut the back yoke with the stripes moving horizontally as I was running a little short on fabric. The front facing is also cut horizontally.
In total, I used 1 meter of Liberty to make this and there wasn't much else to spare.
I purchased the buttons specifically for this shirt and they cost an appalling $1.20 each! Unfortunately they were the only suitable ones at the shop I was at and I didn't much fancy travelling with the kids to another shop just for buttons.
I didn't make many changes to the pattern. I slightly tapered the side seams to shape the boxy style a little more, but other than that, this is a straight size 2. I actually wore this outfit today to school and it was super comfy and easy to wear.

Pattern: Colette Violet = $20
Fabric = Liberty "Mike" $24 from Shaukat
Thread = $3
Buttons = $8.40
Interfacing = from stash
Total = $55.40 - Yikes! But I think it's worth it.


  1. ooh i think i need to buy this pattern! really love what you have done with it! loving the fabric :)

  2. Beautiful, nice autumn colours too and goes great with your skirt!

  3. this is really lovely! great job squeezing it out 1m of fabric!

  4. The colours really suit you, and I love how the shirt looks great with both jeans and with a skirt. I bet you got lots of compliments wearing it today!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the stripes and the more fitted look. It looks fab with that skirt!

  6. It's totally adorable and well worth every cent. Where would you buy a Liberty shirt for $55? And you now have the pattern to make more!

  7. I love that fabric...oh and the finished blouse is perfect! I'm going to stalk that fabric right now - thanks!

  8. Love this blouse. That liberty pattern is TDF and I love the buttons. Beautiful!

  9. Oh it's so pretty, the buttons, well always worth the detail & often detail = $$. The collar is so cute, love Posie

  10. It's a wonderful blouse! I like that the stripes run horizontal on the back yoke.

  11. That blouse is beautiful. It goes really well with your black dress shoes.


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