Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coats and Jackets

Like many sewers, I find it helps to jot down some ideas to sew for the coming season. After being a stay-at-home mum and university student for many years, I've not had much of a need for jackets or coats. With this new profession of mine, I will find myself traipsing around the playground, supervising students, during all kinds of cold, windy and wintery days. I don't currently own a coat, or many jackets, so really I need to fix that.

Some loose plans of mine, for the coming season, include:

Winter coat.
I picked up this pattern from the 1960s, Simplicity 8096, on Etsy and I think it's just adorable. I really want to make a wrap coat. Something to hug me on a windy day. While I would love to make a coat in a wild colour, I think for my first coat I will stick to a more muted colour.

Jackets and cardigans
Simplicity 2250

The light-weight jacket in this pattern is simple and I think quite versatile. I should have some fabric in my stash and already have the pattern. Hopefully this will be a quick and easy sew

I find this pattern interesting, but I'm not sure it will work. I like the waterfall front of view B. I might make it, but I might not. The pattern has been given to me though, so if I don't make it I'm OK with that.

McCalls 6519

I've had this lovely jacket below, made with ponte, pinned for some time (see here). I just adore the colour and the scalloped collar. I'm determined to try to replicate this. I have picked up McCalls 6519 to use. I really want to use a wild ponte colour, but my recent trip to Spotty turned up nothing. I might have to pay for shipping to get something nice, I'd love a burnt orange or mustard yellow.

This pattern was voted one of the best patterns over at Pattern Review in 2009. This pattern has been given to me, so really I'd be nuts not to give it some attention and I think it has potential.


I'd really love to knit a shawl for this winter. I really like the Catherine's Shawl pattern on Ravelry, but particularly in grey, like this one. Unfortunately, I am a slow knitter. I am almost finished Adele's In Three's cardigan, which I am yet to log on Ravelry, but still, I don't see this one happening this year, which is a shame because I really want one. Gosh I wish I could knit fast!

So there are some of my jacket, coat and shawl ideas for the coming season.  Hopefully some of these plans will happen, but my sewing time is becomming more and more rare. I'll post shortly with my other autumn and winter sewing plans.

Have you begun sewing new items for your coming season? After the cool, wet weather today, I'm already feeling behind!


  1. Hi - Just thought I'd come out of lurkdom to tell you that as a casual teacher myself, your observation that you will need coats and jackets is right on the money. As a casual, you will do more than your fair share of playground duty believe me!:) Also, when you get into the classrooms on a winters morning, the word "Freezer" leaps to mind, especially if you are lucky enough to be in a demountable.
    I've made the simplicity cardi wraps myself in merino wool from the Fabric Store and they have been great.

  2. Love that mustard yellow jacket. Good luck with replicating it - it'd be a winner! I'm a Sydneysider too and this sudden cold change has definitely changed my focus for sewing - finished a Colette Sorbetto on the weekend and found my thoughts wandering to making a warm and cosy mustard yellow wide wale corduroy skirt. I keep seeing it with thick tights, knee boots and a great turtleneck. And it's only just started Autumn!

  3. Just fell in love with that little jacket you posted. Thanks for the link to the McCalls pattern I'm so buying that!

    Also I've never come across your blog before but it's a little bit awesome. I'll be popping by regularly now!

  4. I'm lodging an emphatic vote for a WILD COLOUR. Which would look fabulous hanging in your wardrobe next to that mustard yellow.

    Does the Mara shawl float your boat? It's my all-time go to - because it sits so, so well. Not that I ever considered myself a shawl-wearing type...

  5. Gasp, vintage simplicity 8096! I bought that two years ago and never sewed it up. XP


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