Monday, February 13, 2012


Let me introduce you to my first Rooibos dress by Colette patterns. I'm so very happy with this dress, I'm sure it won't be the last.
I love the finish, the style, the fabric, the Liberty piping, the pockets, everything!

I made surprisingly few modifications to the pattern, but I did cut a variety of sizes for fit, from a size 2 to an 8. The key change that I did make to the pattern however, was to raise the back of the dress as I wanted this to be a work dress and a don't really feel too comfortable in a low back at work.
For fitting purposes, I also lengthened the bust and back darts slightly and sewed a very scant hem.

The fabric is a lovely viscose from Tessuti. It's a really difficult colour to photograph, kinda a warm black brown colour. While the fabric did fray a little and wasn't too keen to be press neatly along the seams, it has a lovely feel and creases very little with wear.
The piping and facings were made with some Liberty, Emilia's Flowers, which I salvaged from this Tova. I just didn't feel comfortable wearing this Tova. There was just too much mini floral near my face. I much prefer  this use for this lovely sweet Liberty fabric. The buttons were made with some vintage self cover buttons that I picked up from the Op Shop for next to nix.

I just adore this dress and I'm sure it will get a lot of wear, especially in cooler weather with tights and a cardigan.

Pattern: $10 - I shared the cost of this purchase with Rachel
Fabric: $22.40. It was $20 p/m full price, but I purchased it at 30% off and I think I still have enough to make another project in the future.
Liberty: I think I'll say this has a zero cost as I re-purposed a finished garment that I don't wear.
Piping cord: $1
Self covered buttons: 20c
Thread: $3.10
Zipper: $3.15
Total: $39.85

We are now half way through February and I've already made 4 wearable dresses. Clearly I'm not doing very well at sticking to my resolution to make more seperates. Maybe next time!


  1. Oh you have done so well!! That dress is amazing and I love the piping and the lovely floral buttons....don't worry about how many dresses you have - you obviously love wearing them....i just did a count of my dresses and I have a staggering amount!! so many that at the moment I'm challenging myself to wear one every day this month! Go with what you love and you can't go wrong!!!

  2. This dress is soooooo lovely. The fit is most impressive too. I think you've done a fine job of using your liberty scraps. They really push this garment into something unique and stylish.

  3. It's such a cute dress. I know what you mean about separates. I tend to make a ton of skirts, but usually only wear them on Sundays. What I really need to make is more casual shirts. Oh well.

  4. This is so cute, especially with the trim and the piping. I bought this pattern recently, but haven't made any Colette patterns yet. I've read they draft for a C cup - do you get a sense that's true even for the smaller sizes?

  5. Beautiful! And dresses are wonderful - you don't need to worry about coordinating a top and a bottom! If you love dresses, stick with them!

  6. Yes I love the serious wool with a peek of floral fun? I think this pattern is great for you. And to the commenter above Colette is made large in the bust for sure.

  7. Love the dress, it looks nice with a peek of floral, also looks very comfortable, I can see why you would you want to use this pattern again.


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