Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink Checkerboard Cake

This isn't a cooking blog, but I've been a little off my game lately and this is the latest story. I purchased this cake pan from the Op Shop last week for $2. I'm normally quite rational with Op Shop purchases. "Do I really need it?" swirls around in my head while I contemplate every purchase, but my husband (yes, he came to the Op Shop with all three kids) thought it was a good buy.

Yep, just what I needed. How retro! This is my version, with just food colouring. My husband made me change his shirt buttons to start his new job, but I'm not sure how easy it is to hide bright pink cake in the lunch shed! ha ha ha!

I wish I had enough batter to make the three tiered version, but ran short. Still it was delicious.
The little monster enjoying the cake.
In other non-sewing related news:
  • School drop-offs make the day incredibly short, but Ollie still loves it,
  • Adele is kinda toilet training. In the sense that she gets my undivided attention all day, then the second I turn my back she wees on the carpet or lounge. ewwww!
  • James is loud. Louder than ever before. Poor middle child!
We have also decided that I will give Ollie another week or so more to settle into school before I start looking into getting work. Normally I'd be cheering with this extra kiddie free time, but I've lost my sew-jo and surprisingly, am a little sad about Ollie being at school. The day is so short! How will I ever survive working in those tiny hours?

Anyway, in other sewing related news, I have finished a Rooibos. Hopefully the kids will let me take photos for you tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying your time at your machine!


  1. I can't comprehend how a cake pan makes that checkerboard cake - but your cake looks absolutely delish!

    Sending them off to school is definitely a bit gut wrenching - the start of their own adventures in the big wide world! I don't remember if Adele and James are sometimes looked after by rellies or long day care but if so, if your school has a good after school program it means you can get a bit more of a work day in! I was nervous about doing this but ours seems to be a lot of fun for the kids, much better supervised than the schoolyard and a great opportunity to befriend older and younger kids. The issue of sewing time still remains - good luck!

    PS Thank you so much for your comment on my blouse - I'm glad to hear you and Karin say it's Liberty fabric as that's what I was hoping it was :-)

  2. It does take awhile to get everyone settled into a new routine - including yourself. I hope you find your groove and sewing mojo soon.

  3. I know! School drop offs and pick ups take forever! Especially with a baby - it does make the day short and restricted... hard to really do anything with the ticking time-bomb of pick-up approaching.
    Hope your sew-jo comes back. Mine has gone too.

  4. My mum had one of those cake pans - exactly the same box and all. She used it a lot for kids birthdays, particularly in the late 1980's I think.
    I'm in the same boat with school drop offs and pick ups with a baby in tow, baby fiddling in the hours in between and hardly a minute for sewing! Its making me crazy.


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