Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh Typo!

It's not very often that chain stores recognise us crazy sewing types, but Typo does. This is the latest sewing knick knack I've picked up from the store.
 Can you guess what's on my autumn sewing list?
A pencil holder, or sewing knick knack holder, that looks like an over sized thread spool! LOVE it!

It goes perfectly with my "Sew Happy" canvas tile that my sister bought me - thanks Sam!

And my laser cut vintage sewing machine, wooden wall decal. Love, love, love!
The thread spool broke off, but I still love it.
Thanks Typo. Makes me sew happy :)


  1. I love typo too! I will have to get the spool pencil holder that is too cool

  2. Yep me too! I have the "Sew Happy" canvas!


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