Thursday, February 2, 2012

Advance 6120

This dress pattern, from 1951, looks so cute on the pattern envelop.
But it did not work for me.
Maybe it was the cheap fabric, a stretch poplin from Spotlight, that let it down or maybe the pattern. The bodice originally turned out horrible. The sleeves were huge, the arm holes gaped to an indecent level and the amount of ease was ridiculous. I scaled the bodice down quite considerably, using Vintage Simplicity 3461 as my guide, but still this isn't right. By accident, I also hemmed the skirt a little too short, which has ruined it further.
Oh well, it was an interesting experiment, but since it will never be worn, I've already reused the zipper.

Pattern: $15?? from Etsy
Fabric: $10?? Spotlight on sale.
Thread: from stash
Zipper: zero cost - already recycled into Simplicity 6446
Total: $25


  1. Looks okay to me, but I know what you mean when you just know that it hasn't worked out. Sometimes we win - actually, mostly you win! - and sometimes we lose.

  2. The neckline edge is lovely. Perhaps you could use that neck edge on another pattern?

  3. 1950's underwear might also have something to do with the fit?

  4. I agree with Dolores. Vintage patterns look great, but seriously, who has a figure like that?!

    I think the dress looks fine, especially that lovely neckline, a heavier weight fabric probably would've worked better though.

    What happened to the "less dresses, more separates" idea????

  5. I like it Chris! And I like to red lippy you are sporting these days ;-)

    C xx

  6. The neckline is lovely. How annoying that the fabric/pattern did not behave. I have a lot of trouble with fit when using a stretch woven - to the point that I don't buy it anymore.

  7. The scalloped neckline is gorgeous - how annoying that it doesn't fit quite right! But you have made other beautiful dresses of late that will make up for it - I especially love your red one.


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