Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage Simplicity 6446

Finally a finished garment! This dress took over 5 days to make, which is an incredibly long time for me as most of my garments are knocked up in just a few hours. The reason for this lengthy time frame is mainly that I was distracted by life (more on that later) and slowed down by a few crappy mistakes.
Out of focus photos! Need a new camera!
The fabric is a Japanese lawn from Spotlight. I purchased 2.5 meters to make this dress, as the collar tie is cut on the bias, and I used almost all of it, mostly because my crappy mistakes meant I had to cut the collar and both sleeves twice. Thank god I purchased more than I needed - something that I never normally do!
The dress was pretty much sewn as specified by the instructions, grading up at the waist for fit and adding in seam pockets for functionality. I was planning on making a belt to match, but I really like how this dress looks with my grey belt.
The only real modifications made to the pattern, aside from shortening the skirt length, was to add extra ease to the sleeves as they were too tight and also shorten them. I had an inkling when I saw the pattern piece that the sleeves would be tight, and I was right. I found the same problem with this dress that I made from a 1960s pattern. I ended up setting in one sleeve before I realised there was a considerable movement issue, so I recut the sleeves after slashing the pattern piece and adding an extra inch of ease. I really don't understand how women in the 1960s wore these garments and successfully moved. But I guess they probably didn't drive as we do today, and that would have been the main constraint with the original sleeve pattern.

Now being a new year, I've been speding a bit of time planning my new 2012 budget. Did you know I was one of those weird, nerdy, budget makers? Anyway, like Carolyn, I think I might start recording the cost of the garments I make on this blog. I'd like to do this for me, mostly because I'm quite obsessive about budgeting, but also so that it is easy to evaluate whether a garment is good value for money. Sometimes it's hard to tell if I do save money by making clothes and I know sewing isn't just about saving some pennies, clearly it is a hobby, but I think it may help me maintain perspective and control on some costs. Anyway, here goes:
Pattern: Simplicity 6446. $10 inc shipping. Etsy.
Fabric: Japanese lawn, 2.5 meters. Spotlight $20 on sale!
Invisible zipper: $2.50
Buttons: $2.80
Thread: $3.20

Total cost: $38.50

For all the fine print on how I plan to crunch the numbers, please refer to Carolyns guidelines. They all seem fair and easy, so why reinvent the wheel, right?

I feel so happy to be back in action again! And I'm kinda excited, in a nerdy, budgety way, about finally tracking the numbers associated with the hobby!

Hope you are enjoying the last few days of school holidays!


  1. wow wow! i totally love it, especially the collar! i have to find a copy of that pattern in my size!! the fabric looks really lovely in this dress, can't wait to use my piece of it, i bought 3m of it hehe

  2. Wonderful dress - it could be casual because it's made from cotton, but the shape is so elegant. The fabric is stunning! I love how up close it looks like a floral, but from far away it appears to be a paisley. The dress is just perfection.

  3. I so agree with these comments. This dress is a winner. So gorgeous. I love the styling too with your hair back and some pretty lippy on. beeyootiful! Someone should take you out to dinner in this dress.

  4. What an awesome dress! I must admit I've been waiting to see what you made since you mentioned the pattern earlier on in you blog! Love it!

  5. Love the dress! I have a question - do you need to line a dress made out of lawn? I love the Spotlight lawns (including the one you've used) but thought that maybe they'd be a bit too transparent for a dress? Your dress seems fine though?

  6. Hi Jillian, They are a little transperent in the sunlight, but not too bad. I will probably wear a slip with this dress when out though, just to be sure.

  7. It's so funny because I have that same exact pattern sitting on my sewing table and I've been trying to decide what fabric from my stash I'm going to use. I have 2.5 yards of Liberty, but I wonder if that'll be enough? Your dress looks great, and now I'm all the more inspired to make it.

  8. Love your dress, its so pretty and such a lovely style. I'm about to start sewing a top out of lawn, its a finer fabric than I'm used to so I'm a little nervous but up for the challenge!

  9. I love the dress on you! And that fabric is gorgeous. I have always wanted to work with thes Japanese prints and also Liberty but I am too cheap to buy it. I'm off to see what pattern you used. I like the tie a lot.

  10. It's beautiful! Just perfect. And good luck with the budgeting - it will make for interesting reading! I suspect that if I didn't stash as much I'd be saving money, but as it is, I seem to have more $$ going out than I am saving by sewing.


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