Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Oliver's first day of school.
 I told him his smile was too big and he needed to try a half smile.
 This is the half smile - lol! Maybe I need to find a different way to ask him to smile less.

He was a little shy at first...
Until he saw mini whiteboards and textas.

I can't say that I cried, because I'm kinda happy to see him go. He's been at home with me for the past month and I just can't keep him happy. After all of the activity at pre school in the lead up to this leap into big school, I just couldn't keep up with his entertainment needs.
The whole clan!

I'm off so sew bonnets now. More interesting sewing items to show soon.


  1. Lovely. Counting down, 2 days to go...

  2. Great work! I love his half smile! Too cool!

    I hope you both have a great day!

  3. First day of school!! So very special...
    I was over the moon with joy when my eldest (of 3, still had 2 littlies at home) started school! Couldn't understand the weepy mothers at all... of course I felt a little bit different when my youngest started school!

  4. Oliver looks like he's going to settle in nicely. There Definately does come a time when they NEED to be at school doesn't there!

  5. He looks so cute in his school clothes. Ella wants to go to school too, but she has another year to wait. When is your first day of school?

  6. Wow! Great photos. I hope that all continues to go well (and I'm sure that it will).


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