Friday, January 6, 2012

Ra Ra Skirt

An Alexander McQueen ra ra skirt! Well, really it's a ra ra skirt made with A McQueen cotton fabric that I purchased from Tessuti just last week.
When I first saw this fabric and the sales assistant said it would look good used on the bias, I thought immediately of this skirt Carolyn made for her daughter and knew it would be perfect. Love it Carolyn!

Then when I got home I got cold feet. I tried searching through Alexander McQueen's designs, the RTW stuff, to see if I could find what he (he's a he right?? I'm such a fashionista!), made with it. I didn't look too hard, but I didn't find anything. However, I'm certain he made a ra ra skirt with this fabric too. Isn't that what he's famous for?? Ra ra skirts? To minimise the risk I made a toile, which look OK, then forged ahead with my original plan.
I love this skirt. I was doubtful about whether a 30 something mum with three kids could pull off this look, but I think this is pretty cool and very wearable.
I based my skirt on Burda 06/2010 ruffle skirt #121, which is a three tiered skirt. Just a side note: I've now made three patterns from this particular issue of Burda magazine, so considering I borrowed it from my mate Rachel, I think I've gotten great value from it!
Anyway, to make my variation of this pattern, I used only two flounces and changed them to 3/4 circles, rather than the Burda full circle flounces, as I was quite concerned about looking 'too frilly'. I significantly lengthened the flounces from the pattern length of 6 inches to my 11 inches and hemmed them with a 1/8 inch seam using the roll hem foot on my regular sewing machine. I also lengthened the lining, which is a solid black, silk cotton voile also from Tessuti, from 8 inches to about 10 or so. This was a necessary change given I am often lugging children around and picking up after then, and I like to stay decent. My skirt sits 1 inch below my natural waist and about 1.5 inches above the top of my knee, which is about as short as I could go without looking pushing the decency barrier further.

I really tried to plan the fabric placement on the two flounces, so the first and second tier would vary the fabric design lines. I think I was quite successul at this.
Clearly I'm pretty happy with this little number, so I had to include a happy jumping shot.

And another! Yay!


  1. Love the skirt Christy. Your changes are good, because it still looks short but not too short. And love those twirling and jumping photos!

  2. Oh, cute. I love the jumping shot, but the clever plaid direction whilst you are standing still looks just the fun side of sophisticated.

  3. yeah, Alexander McQueen was famous for rara skirts. Haha. In all honesty it's super cute.

  4. Ooh, it is cute, and you are gorgeous in it! Thanks for the mention too, btw! I'm glad it inspired you to make this fabudabulous little number... and Alexander McQueen was one of my all-time favourites, he is famous for lots of outre moments of pure genius; but that is the first I've seen McQueen and ra ra skirts in the same sentence!

  5. Very cute Christy! I am going to feature it this week. I love that fabric. Way cool!


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