Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Picnic Dress.

Just a simple dress. Mostly for wearing around the house, but I think it's cute.
Seriously, 10 photos and this is the only in focus.
The bodice was modified from Burda dress with gathered rectangle skirt and cap sleeves from 02/2011, which I made here and here. I omitted the darts and I just guessed the skirt pattern. Nothing terribly technical. I fully lined the dress as the gingham (from Spotty), was a little sheer, and created a casing for the tie by sewing the lining to the outer, leaving two button holes for the tie to come out.

I think it's kinda cute, don't you?

In other news, my husband now has a new job and starts Monday. We ate out tonight to celebrate! We've had a pretty full week looking for a new job for him and stressing about how many we could go without pay before trouble sets in. We actually found out the day he returned from our holiday that his job was less secure than we thought. Not the best news after this very 'spendy' time of year and also not great as the building industry is slow in January. Anyway, good job found, crises averted, life can go on, no need to stress any more. More sewing to come!

Pattern: Burda dress with gathered rectangle skirt and cap sleeves. Used twice before, so free.
Fabric: Navy gingham cotton from Spotlight $9??Thread and elastic: from stash, only minimal used, so free.
Total: $9


  1. Cute dresses. I particularly like the one you shared on your last post. The colour and style really suits you. Congrats on the new job!

  2. I like how you changed this to a gathered waist - a great way to make a dress pattern more casual for summer wear.

  3. I'm so glad someone is joining me on that accounting thing... thank you! I decided to post my numbers after all too.
    Congratulations on the new job, and your dress is super cute!

  4. Cute dress! And I really love the one from your previous post. Glad your hubby found another good job - scary when employment is not a sure thing!

  5. Phew. That is a relief. Money stress is the worst!

    Oh yeah - and cute dress for sure :)

  6. I do really like this dress. It looks lovely on you, and I like that youined it and kept it quite simple. Pretty! And phew about the job! What a relief!


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