Wednesday, January 11, 2012


When one can’t sew, one must find some other way to fill one’s time. This street find, when we stumbled upon it, was sturdy and cute, but had a horrible 70s vibe.
To transform, simply apply 2 coats of Dulux ‘Olive Fizz’ (3/4 strength) and you get a cute little work desk for your bedroom. 
The paint is a high gloss oil paint, which I had instructed my husband NOT to buy. I wanted a water–based semi gloss so that I could distress it, but he listened to the ‘helpful’ Bunnings worker and bought this instead. Oh well, could have been worse! This colour goes perfectly with my Orla Kiely bed linen. I think I’ll need to get new handles eventually, but might hold off until daycare starts again.
I’ve pictured the desk also with a quilt that I made (long ago) with Moda ‘Arcadia’ fabric, which also looks nice together. Actually the quilt lives permanently in my bedroom to try to hide this hideous, black, leather, reclining ‘dad chair’ that my husband loves. Thankfully I’ve managed to hide it my bedroom now. Next stop, the tip! 
This desk replaces an old dining table which I’ve been using. The printer will be installed under the stairs once we renovate that space into a study nook for the kids.
Hopefully I’ll knock over a few more home projects while waiting for my machine to come home to me.


  1. i actually like the shinyness of the oil paint, it suits the colour nicely. nice job!

    and oh god the 'dad chair', my husband keeps pointing them out in catalogues that he wants one. i keep saying they're for 80 year olds. so far none have entered the house and i hope i can keep it that way ;)

  2. Agree that the gloss makes it and distressed looks would possibly just look shabby really.

    You are making me feel bad about having never yet refinished my fab street find desk. Of course someone is still using it as a change table, so until the diapers go, I've got an excuse.

  3. Love the new desk, that is a great colour. This is inspiring me to finish my street finds.

  4. I love the high-gloss look too. Looks very groovy/retro and modern all at the same time. Awesome colour by the way. It looks like you've been doing some great holiday sewing. I love both skirts - the denim wrap and the ra-ra. I think a 30-something mum can definitely pull off this style of ra-ra. Your fabric placement is really well done. Loving your taffy blouse too.


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