Friday, January 27, 2012

My Happy Sewing Space

I thought I'd show you all how my sewing domain now looks after I moved rooms earlier this year. I first showed my sewing space here, when it used to be almost the entire first floor of my house. My how spoiled I was!

Then I showed it here, during the move to a much smaller, regular sized room in my house, when my husband very politely refrained from making any comments about the amount of stuff I have. Phew!

Now, things are little more civilised in my space.
 I actually thought I'd tidied really well before taking these photos,
but you can still see crap stashed under the bed! :)
  •  Second hand Ikea daybed, just in case the room is ever tidy enough to host a guest, from Ebay.
  •  Old kitchen side table from my husband's grandfather. The perfect size for my machines.

  • Dresser from the side of the road (yay!). Holds yarn and other random knick knacks.
  • Plate holder, which perfectly holds containers of things and patterns. It was from the 'as is' section of IKEA, only $39.
  • Pigeon holes from under the house of my husband's other grandparents. They apparently are from a Qantas office and were in a lovely, shabby state when I first spied them. Unfortunately, Grandfather decided to clean them up and give them a new coat of horrible, dark stain before giving them to me, but they are still handy for things and really, it's the thought that counts.
Almost everything has a place. Almost. Things do spill over onto the floor and bed and any other space during moments of crazed sewing, but that's part of the creative process in my opinion. I'd love to be as organised as this space, but really, that's not going to happen.
  • Low boy from my husband's grandparents. Apparently it was given to them for their engagement, just prior to the depression.
  • Ikea Billy with books, more things and dressmaking fabric.

The walls could do with some more well considered styling. I love seeing the sewing areas that some people seem to effortlessly create, like Tania's cute little sewing nook here. But I do not have this gift. I have to think really hard and plan for a while to make things look nice, and even then, I don't always get it right.
  • Quilting and bonnet fabric, scraps and patterns, which perfectly fit into these draws.
So that's pretty much it. I am very lucky to have my own room as it does mean I can avoid packing everything away at the end of a sewing session, but that also means this room is normally very, very, very M-E-S-S-Y!! Actually, the messiness directly correlates with my sewing output. Lot of sewing means, lots of mess. But gosh it's fun mess to make!

I hope you are making lots of mess at your machine today!


  1. I'm making a heckuva mess these days, I know exactly what you mean! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh to have a space of one's own :) My sewing space is the dining room table in the middle of a somewhat small combined lounge and dining. Ahhh apartment living, I have an incredibly forgiving husband... well sometimes... but today he did ask me to PLEASE tidy up LOL! I think your room looks lovely.


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