Monday, January 30, 2012


On our recent holiday I got stuck back into my crochet blanket. This is a slow burn project.... S-L-O-W-W-W-W. I originally wanted it to be a queen size, until I realised how many squares I'd need - I think 500 to 600 or something. Now I am aiming to make a generous couch size blanket with 300 squares, something large enough for me and the kids on a cold morning.
I started this blanket back in December 2010, so referring back to my original time frame of 2 years, I have 10 months to finish it. I really want to finish for this winter though, so I'm pushing through. Thankfully, I still love the colours and design as much today as I did when I began.

I now have 100 fully complete, white framed circles. I also have 70 coloured medallions and another 130 inner circles. It feels like I've done so much recently, but still I have so far to go. I had planned to crochet as I go, to join the squares, but it just isn't practical in an Australian summer to crochet with a large blanket on your lap. I also think sewing the squares will be a little stronger. So those little kiddie toes don't rip the blanket!

Details Ravelled here.


  1. Gorgeous! It's going to be amazing..

  2. They really are your colours. Lucky you're not sick of them, that happens to me all the time.

  3. I have six circles left over from the one I made... would you like them. They're out of BWM yarn ... not the same colours as yours... but if you want them they're yours!!!


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