Wednesday, January 18, 2012


What do you do on the first day your kids are back at day care?? Well you hit the shops of course! How could I resist the 40% off sale at The Fabric Store? Then there are a bunch of smaller shops on the way home, so with only one child in tow, it seemed like the right thing to do to pop in and say 'hi'.

For the grand total of $100, here's the loot.
The Fabric Store - $60. I must say aside from the above red fabric, I really struggled to find much that I loved yesterday. I am trying to steer clear of buying too many prints and also don't need silk, which form the bulk of their print offerings.

Above you can see, 2.5m of very nice, navy, silk cotton, for which I have no plans. A scant 1.3 meters of red print cotton (I got the end of roll with this one, but they said they were going to get more later this week). This fabric is very crepey and soft. I'm planning on drafting my own pattern to make a dress similar to this Karen Walker design that I love, but am struggling to fit it.  The black eyelet cotton, again and end of roll, with a scalloped edge is destined to become a dress 'I' from Stylish Dress Book, but with some extra modifications that I've been planning since I last made this pattern.
These two fabrics are from Jack Textiles in Marrickville where I spent a total of $30. The top is a rayon, which I don't love now, but it only cost $4.50 for 1.5 meters, so I won't cry. The other is a polyester border print, which I intend on making a simple kimono sleeve dress with a cinched waist. I've seen many similar dresses in shops and I thought it would be fun to try myself. Again, it cost $4.50 for 1.5 meters.
The three fabric pieces on the right are also from Jack Textiles. The bottom two are stretch fabric, one cotton lycra, the other a crepe, poly, 4-way stretch. I'm going to play with these and maybe use the darker fabric for a Mission Maxi. The other dark red/pink fabric is a very light weight, linen blend. It is very light, so I'm hoping after it's washed to assess if I can use it to make Vogue 8728. I failed in my last attempt to make this, but I've seen a few other nice versions, including Kbenco's, that have inspired me to try again.

The navy check fabric was from the fabric shop near Jack Textiles, but up on Marrickville Road,  not sure of the shop name. I'm planning on trying to make the husband a shirt this year, so thought this could be a nice trial fabric. It only cost $3pm, so I bought 3 meters to play with. It's very light and has a tight weave, so I think it will do for him.

So there we have 9 pieces of fabric, which I'm quite happy with for just under $100. I now have a full stash and lots of plans in my head, so won't need to hit the shops again for a while. Well until Spotlight has their 50% off fabric sale!


  1. Happy New Year. Great fabric haul. My brother and his wife recently bought a house in Marrickville. Must check out the fabric stores when I visit him.

  2. Oh wow, what a great haul. And I am so jealous that you have so many fabric shops to chose from!!

  3. Gosh I love that red silk print, I think a Fabric Store has not long opened in Brisneyland so I think a visit is just about due.

    Love your blog too!

  4. Oooooh, I love the polyester border print - very pretty !

  5. Great haul. I can't believe how much you got for that money. I am planning to visit the Brissie store on the weekend, I hope they have 40% off there too.

  6. love Jack textiles, popping in to say "hi" is only right and just!

  7. what great buys for only $100! I am trying so hard this year not to buy any unnecessary fabric, so am avoiding the suburbs of Marrickville and Cabramatta, and am even making my husband pick up notions from Spotlight for me so I don't pick up any fabric! I doubt it will last long though...

  8. Nice haul! That Brissie to Sydney trip is Loooong.I hope you have some good sewing time before the back to school stuff kicks in.


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