Friday, January 20, 2012

Another furniture project

I thought after returning from my holiday that I'd be gagging to get back to my machine, but I am not. I have managed to sew up a batch of bonnets, which went to Shorties today, but not much else.
Instead of sewing yesterday, I used my precious nap time (the kids napping, not me!), to finish off this little school desk.
As with most bits of furniture we get, it was found on the side of the road. This is the type of school desk that I had in primary school and it even still has an Department of Education Workshop stamp on the back. I actually saw one of these at a vintage shop next to Shorties in Newtown, in better condition, with a $70 price tag! Score!
Unfortunately, prior to me finding this, the owner must have left it out in the elements, so the top layer of plywood had peeled off. Regardless though, it is sturdy, super cute and large enough to fit all three of my kids. So I cleaned it up, painted some socks on it,  and covered the top in a simple teal dot fabric (from Lincraft), then plastic. I think its rather smashing - don't you?
The kids love it! I'm trialling leaving out the pencils for the kids to use at their will. The boys have never drawn on walls and the like, but Adele is always the problem with these things.

Fingers crossed my 'sew-jo' returns this weekend, and I have all of that new lovely fabric too. What's wrong with me?


  1. oh how sweet, i have 8 of these old desks in my Sunday school room - donated by the school my church runs. I also have the coolest massive wooden craft table (fits 20 kids seated around). along side a big stack of matching wooden/metal chairs. i just love them all so much i can't bring myself to "modernise" them!

  2. I think its called burn out (or life). Your mojo WILL return. And in the meantime you get to do other great crafty things like make a totally cool little drawing corner for the kids. Love it, only wish I had the room for one in my house!

  3. lovely work on the desk, love it!


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