Monday, November 21, 2011

BurdaStyle Slim Pants 02/2010 #111

After seeing all the lovely Colette Clover pants appearing on sewing blogs, it was difficult to resist the temptation to buy another pattern. I did however and have made a very similar pair of slim, cigarette pants thanks to the Tessuti blog review of a Burda pattern which is quite similar 02/2010 No. 111.
I used a nice thick stretch drill that I purchased last week on sale from Spotlight. I really wanted a thick fabric as I wanted a good fit without showing much wobble. I'm super happy with with the finished fit and they are super comfy.
I added belt loops to the waistband just in case I need them and used a regular zipper on the side with a side lapped application. I've had a bit of trouble lately with invisible zippers, having them fail after or during wear and I didn't want to risk this. I think also with the thick fabric an invisible zipper may have gone wrong.

I'm super happy with how neat my zipper is... for a change!

Regarding the pattern, I found it to be quite easy and well fitted from the outset.  I cut an 18 and a 19 waist, but think the ease caught me off as there's a little more built in to the pants than what I wanted. Because of this I took in the side seams by about 1cm each side, but that was easy. I also had to make modifications to the waistband for fit, courtesy of my lack of waist shape, but that is a standard alteration for me, so no complaint there.
The good thing about the success of this pattern is that it is the beginning to fill a "separates" void in my wardrobe. I wore handmade every day I taught during my prac block, but sometimes skirts and dresses aren't so appropriate. More pants will surely follow and maybe in colour!


  1. You my girl are a sewing machine!! You have just finished uni, you should be relaxing with a couple of champagnes!! What a great pair of pants!

  2. They look great and are very practical. Like you I hardly make pants.

  3. What a great fit, I'm sure they'll become a wardrobe staple for you!

  4. They look great and the fit looks good, too.

    I've been resisting the urge to buy the Colette pattern, too. I finally bought a vintage pattern (the real thing!) for about $3. Although, silly me, I do have that Burda mag. too.

  5. They look great - perfect for the classroom. Somehow other teachers can wear short dresses and pencil skirts, but I wore a dress on Melbourne cup day and regreted my decision as soon as I sat in the car. Pants and long shorts only for me.

  6. Great pants - the fit looks spot on! I have to say I too have been resisting buying the Colette pattern... and I have this issue of Burda mag so will now put this pattern on the extremely long to do list!


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