Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kids Tee Pee - Butterick 4251

My sister purchased this pattern, Butterick 4251, and gave it to me so that I could make a tee pee for her son, Corin. This was the first project on the list of 'sister sewing' that I've fit in my life these past two weeks.
The pattern came together very quickly. I made her tee pee in about three hours and then proceeded to make one for my own kids.
The one pictured here is the one for my kids, although Corin is playing in it in these pictures. I used this fabric from Ikea. The pattern uses a lot of fabric, like 8 meters, so this project isn't cheap. The kids love it though. We can use it inside and plan to play with it outside in summer. It folds down relatively small too and can fit under a single bed. What more could you ask for??

More 'sister sewing' show and tell will follow.

Happy sewing!


  1. Great fabric - ouch 8 metres! I am sure the kids will have a great time playing in it.

  2. It's absolutely AWESOME! I can't believe how quickly you whipped it up Hats off to you. x

  3. I love it! And have always wanted to make a teepee for the kids. Can you tell me what you used for the poles? It looks like it s pentagon shape so you used 5 poles, pretty think by the looks of it.
    Please let me know, I'm keen to try make one too :-)
    Thanks! M in Adelaide

  4. Hi M in Adelaide.

    I used PVC pipes as per the instructions. My husband is a plumber so I just went to the garage to retrieve them. My tee pee has 6 poles, not five.

    You can link to the pattern I used from the post.

    Good Luck :)

  5. Can the pattern be modified so that it is slightly smaller?

  6. Just about to start this project

    Im a total begginer so fingers crossed it goes well!


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