Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey Big Spender!

A little while ago, thanks to some lovely early spring weather, I managed to make and sell quite a few bonnets to my lovely shops and online. Yay! While some money was spent on Liberty (I think I'm yet to show you all of it), some was also spent buying a new pair of jeans.

While I gave the whole jeans sewing thing a good go, I still really wanted to own a real pair of Emerson Made jeans. I have been banging on about them for a while now.
  Looking exceptionally wrinkled due to a large portion of my day spent sitting on a bus
travelling to and from our school excursion (field trip).

I'm so happy with these jeans.The fit and style are just what I wanted and the denim feel and colour are spot on. I'm also quite happy to say that my own versions of these jeans were actually quite similar, but I just couldn't get past their little quirks from being home sewn, like a slightly off front fly, waistband inconsistency, top-stitching quality, etc. I guess maybe after sewing a few more pairs of jeans I might be happier with the finish, but until then I think I still need commercially made jeans in my wardrobe.
I don't buy finished garments often, so this is a massive purchase for me. However, considering my past two pairs of jeans were purchased from the Op Shop, I figure a splurge every few years is OK.

So tell me, have you made any big garment purchases recently? What else am I missing out on?


  1. Nice jeans. There's nothing quite like finding a pair of jeans that really works for you - priceless!

  2. They ook great (love the poses too). I always wonder you make so many items of clothing what do you do with them when you don't wer them anymore? And is your wardrobe overflowing with beutiful hand made goodness?

  3. Good for you, they're very cool! I can't believe I've never heard of them... I feel like I should have!? How did you choose the style and size?? I've checked out their website and now want some...of course! They look great on you!



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