Friday, October 7, 2011

Giveaway goodies

I recently won a couple of bloggy giveaways that I'm super duper happy about. I don't enter giveaways very often, but some prizes are just too tempting!

First up, Kat from All the whimsical things had a giveaway recently and I won this awesome stash of goodies.
Can't keep little paws off my things!
I'm so excited about the Gutterman thread. I'm such a tightwad with certain sewing consumables and often use much cheaper thread for a lot of projects. I know it's bad, I know it's not so good, but good thread is soooo expensive when you go through as much as I do. I'm also in desperate need of pins, some of mine are so old they are blunt, so this prize pack of goodies is so much appreciated.

Next up was another super awesome giveaway from Passiona at Le Courtureve.
I never thought I'd own a piece of Missoni fabric, but look at this! It's a skirt length piece with some Mokum fold over elastic. One of my friends has already put dibs on this yet-to-be-made skirt and while I don't often give away such awesome-ness, I do owe her a 30th birthday present from January this year... whoops - what an awesome friend am I??

Thanks again Kat and Passiona!!!!

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  1. Nice work! Great wins, you're welcome to come and join my giveaway too : )



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