Friday, September 30, 2011

Liberty for the little lady

After trekking to my shops this week to sell bonnets (I may have already spent my earnings, but more on that later), I came home totally inspired to make more pretty little things for Adele. First up, I needed to make Adele a simple skirt with Liberty fabric (Rach - are you jealous?).
I needed to bribe her with lip balm to get a photo
I saw similar skirts at My Messy Room in Summer Hill. The ones at the shop were made from the softest light grey and blue floral Liberty, and trimmed with bright red and white grosgrain ribbon. They were adorable! Stav has impeccable taste when it comes to little kids clothes and I highly recommend heading to her shop if you are ever in the Summer Hill (Sydney) area.
I didn't have any fabric similar to the ones in her shop, but I did have a little Emilia's Flowers left over from this Tova. I trimmed it with some off white lace, which has been sewn into a pin tuck that also secures the hem. I had a little more length than needed, so created a generous elastic casing with a little ruffle on top. Cute huh?

A little more cute that I spied at My Messy Room was this stunning dress by Olive's Friend Pop.
Peter pan collar, scallop detail on the bib and over skirt AND ruffle sleeves! Ack - so cute!!!!

I highly recommend visiting My Messy Room if you're in the area, or if you're not nearby, check out the online shop.

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  1. Love the new skirt! so chuffed about your kind words! Always so nice to see you, dont we chat and chat and chat! xx


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