Saturday, September 10, 2011

Black pegged pants Burda 6/2010

While procrastinating over my uni work, I have managed to keep myself out of trouble sitting in front of the sewing machine. These pants are an experiment of sorts. I wasn't sure if pegged pants would be for me.
I'm still not sure if they are. I've never been one to wear cropped trousers, so they do feel funny to wear.
The pattern is #105 from Burda 6/2010. A few Aussie bloggers have made them including Jorth, Nikki and Katherine. I made mine with some poly blend gabardine purchased from Spotlight during their 50% off fabric sale.
Like Jorth and Nikki, I straightened the hem and lengthened the pants. I also modified the front pockets so that they didn't sit out so far. I just didn't think I'd actually wear them like that. I cut a size 36, but ended up taking them in over an inch on the sides. I also modified the waistband, but possibly too much as it is a little snug. Hopefully it will stretch.
I like the front and back fit, but the side view looks a little funny to me. I think I prefer trousers to be more fitted.
Cheeky monkeys stealing camera shots
Anywho, twas fun and they certainly are wearable.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. They're cute trousers, have a slightly 60s vibe to me. You look good wearing them.

  2. oooohhh i like em - I'm going to check out the pattern. is there a side zip?? i'm wondering if you can taper in the trousers at the ankle a little to really make them "peg" - either way, i think they look really cute and comfy ;-)

  3. They may be a different silhouette than you're used to but I think these trousers look very good on you.

  4. I think they look very nice on you, and I wouldn't hesitate to wear them!

  5. I think they suit you perfectly! I've been looking for a comparable pant pattern myself, and after seeing your success, I might give these a try!

  6. They look great on you! I never do pants so I'm very impressed! Well done.


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