Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the sticks...

The 'knitting sticks' that is. I've cast on a Tea Leaves cardigan for myself. The yoke is almost finished and it's looking good. The only hiccup so far was dropping my knitting to attending to a yelling child and dropping two stitches which unravelled two rows! I almost cried. My husband sympathised (yeah). I've picked them up, but they still look a little dodgy. Hopefully it won't be noticeable when finished.
Now as I'm not the worlds fastest knitter and it takes up to three months to make a kiddy sized item, I'm giving myself a target of next Autumn to get this baby finished and I think that time frame is definitely workable.

I'm also making progress on my Short and Sweet crochet cardigan. I'm up to the sleeves, which require a bit of counting, but once they are done I'll be pretty much finished.
Then there's my Flowers in the Snow blanket. I haven't spent too much time on this recently and only have this pile of half finished medallions to show any progress. This is a slow burn project though and I do have another 2 years to wrap it up.

I do get a little anxious with three projects going at once, but this allows me to pick a project that I feel like each time I get a moment.

When I used to read books, other than kids picture books or text books, I always kept three on the go at once. One non-fiction, one 'easy to read' fiction and one more challenging fiction. With three books to choose from, I could always pick the type of reading that I felt like - never the challenging or non-fiction at night, and always a 'thinking book' when on the train travelling to work, you know, something to make me look smarter :).  I guess my yarn crafting follows this same principal. My knitting projects are mostly no brainers, with whole rows following the same stitch to allow maximum 'zoning out' or meditating. This current crochet project requires a little counting, which I'm not so great at after work at night.

Do you get what I mean?? Are you the same, with a number of project on the go at once? What are you hooking or knitting at the moment?


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing your Short'n'Sweet! I currently have SIX crochet projects in various stages of completion. It all depends on how I'm feeling and where I'm going as to which one I work on. Although Clare's blanket has been sitting untouched for about two years now....
    I am similar with my sewing projects - I often have a few cut out at once so that I can work on whichever takes my fancy. And I'm like you with books too. So you're not the only one!
    I admire your sewing output lately too - such lovely clothing! I'm also impressed with your ability to keep your Pattern Reviews up to date. I am months behind with mine at the moment. Must rectify that.
    Happy sewing/knitting/hooking!

  2. I love the colour you chose for your cardigan. Makes me want to raid the stash for some orange...

    As someone who drops stitches constantly, you'd be amazed what evens out with blocking. Try not to worry :)


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