Saturday, July 9, 2011

UFO Management

Just trying to work through my list of UFOs.

I finally finished Adele's winter coat. I used the Make It Perfect Uptown Girl pattern, which I think is quite simple and sweet. I made her jacket in wide wale corduroy, that I picked up from Spotlight last year on sale, and some Anna Maria Horner quilting cotton for the lining. I didn't add the pellon inner, mostly because I couldn't be bothered buying any, but also because I think a lined corduroy jacked, with warm clothes underneath is really all we need here in Sydney. If it's any colder then we just stay inside.
The pattern came together nicely but I think it may run a little small. I made a size 1 and it fits Adele well, but she is quite small for her age, still under 10 kilos.
I also finished my cushion, which has been sitting in pieces for quite some time. Originally this project was inspired by this Anthropologie cushion. While mine looks nothing like the original, I think it looks quite nice on my retro rocking chair.
I used some Kristen Doran screen printed fabric on the reverse and added a little stitching for interest. I was too lazy to add a zip, so added a couple of buttons to keep the envelop closed.

So, originally I had nine projects on my 'to do' list. Five have been completed, one has been placed in the wardrobe to forget about for now and the others are still in progress. I'm getting there, which is just as well, as I think my sewing room will be changing to a much smaller space very soon.


  1. It's hard work working through the UFO pile isn't it? So hard to stay focussed and not stray off the beaten track and create a whole new bunch of UFOs. Your jacket and cushion both look lovely. The fancy stitching on the underside of the cushion is a nice touch.

  2. Nice jacket although I disagree about the weather, it is damn cold today!! We went for a little outing to Balmain and I completely froze. Lewis was the warmest of the bunch in a parka my sister bought for his birthday, Max was wearing a hoodie with a parka vest and he was feeling cold by the time we were walking back to the car. I saw a really nice navy boys parka in Witchery but at $50 I'll wait to see if they go on sale.


  3. I love the jacket!!! I don't have the pattern but might have to buy one! I might have to make my girls one each next Winter - very cute indeed. Jackets are so expensive so when you can make them it's great. She looks v cute in it!


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